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Really great question!


These are not in order:

1.) Drea de Matteo as Adrianna -- She was SO DAMN GOOD. Her whole appearance on The Sopranos was gold. She made her character very 3 dimensional, not just so spoiled girlfriend. Her performance in her last episode was incredible and left me so emotional. I was emotional because SHE made us love her character. We can relate to her and feel her emotions. Amazing character and amazing actress. She was funny but also bitchy but also a good girlfriend. I love her!

2.) Joe as Ralphie -- SUCH a funny character. In my opinion, Ralphie is one of the best characters onthe show. He was hilarious and Joe gave him special mannerisms in the way he talks and stuff. I can literally watch Ralphie scene after scene and not get bored. But even though he's funny, he can also be scary as hell. (when he killed tracee, when he hit that guy at badabing with the chain thingy) Great actor! Kinda bummed when he was killed off.

3.) Michael I. as Chrissy -- One of our very best. He's likeable, funny, and handsome. He made the character so important and we understand why tony loves him. Such a great actor. We got to see him when he was just a kid trying to work his way up in the gang, until the very end when he was a made man. We see him go through so many things, like his first murder, his choices (adrianna), his problems with drugs, and ultimately his death. The show wouldn't be the same without him.

4.) Tony S as Paulie Walnuts -- I didn't like the character because we got to see al ot of his selfish/whiny sides, but Tony's performance is just gold! The way he talks, makes jokes, etc everything! It's just so good and makes the show feel even more at home in jersey. Great performance.

5.) Dominc C. as Uncle Junior -- First of all, he's HILARIOUS. But at the same time we feel pity for him. This guy is an amazing actor and it's just so sad to see from where he started off to where he ended. I love Uncle Jun and i'm glad he was here all 6 seasons.

If i had to choose one more, my next chocie would be Nancy who played Livia.

Thanks! :)
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