Re: Your Favorite Episode Ending?

This is a great topic. There are a few episode endings that stand out to me:

All Due Respect--I really enjoyed the use of 'Glad Tidings' and the way Tony walked into his backyard the same way the bear got into the backyard in The Two Tony's

The Blue Comet--Again, great use of music as Tinderstick's 'Running Wild' plays as T is laying on his bed in the safe house contemplating his and Bobby's conversation about death from Soprano Home Movies.

Stage 5--As Phil's family and capos meet at the family restaurant to celebrate Phil's late-brother's birthday, Phil vows that things will change for his family: No long will the Leotardos be disrespected. John Cooper Clarke's 'Evidently Chickentown' kicks in as Tony stands Godfather to Christopher's daughter Caitlin. This christening is intercut with Phil's vow for change, in an eery homage to the GF1, where the heads of the Five Families are killed while Michael stands Godfather to his sister's child. I get chill bumps every time Phil tells Butchie/Johnny Torrio, "No more, Butchie. No more."

Re: Your Favorite Episode Ending?

Hard to think of an absolute favorite ending, but one I really liked that jumps to mind is the end of "Toodle-Fucking-oo" where Tony sees Meadow cleaning up Livia's house(after she and her friends had a party and made a huge mess of the place), and he just looks completely stunned at her out-of-character selflessness.
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