Your Favorite Episode Ending?

The endings of pretty much every episode of The Sopranos always seem to sum up the emotions, themes and underlying meanings of the episode. As well as giving hints to what is to come. So what is your favorite ending at the moment?

My favorite endings at the moment;

Join the club: Such an amazingly beautiful ending to a beautiful episode. One of the few times during the series that I chocked up. I really felt sorry for Tony, but by this stage he was barely Tony. I think it shows, no matter who we are or what we do we will all end up in that position. No matter if you are a Mafia Boss or a heating salesman. By the end of the episode you just feel the emotions he is feeling, the complete feeling of hopelessness and not knowing whats to come. It really was frightening seeing Tony going through the various stages of losing his identity. Woops this thread is only about endings not analyzing the whole episode. The music was also beautiful (does anyone know the name of the song?).

For all Debts Public and Private

Another one I really like at the moment, Chris placing the money on the fridge with a magnet and the camera zooming in. What bill was it by the way? The scene is basically shouting out at us that this series is about MONEY, and money will play a big part in the remainder of the show. I also like the music at the end (again, whats the name of the song?), as usual the music always seems to capture what the episode was about.

So what are your favorite ending scenes at the moment?

Re: Your Favorite Episode Ending?

Great topic. I'm really into TV and movie endings for some reason, and the Sopranos had tons of cool ones.

"Meadowlands" The wink Tony gives AJ as his son realizes what his dad is all about.

"I Dream Of Jeanie Cusamano"- "You'll remember times like this. That were good."

"Guy Walks Into a Psychaitrists Office" -About 2 mins. of silence betwen Tony & Carmella before "Time is on My Side" comes blaring.

"D-Girl" The interlocking scenes between Christopher and Pussy.

"Employee of the Month" "No".

"Second Opinion" Tony agrees to the donation Carmella wants for Meadow's school.

"Two Tonys" Tony alone with a gun, waiting for the bear.

"Kennedy and Heidi" "I get it!"

"Stage Five"-The hug

Seriously, I could go on and on.

Re: Your Favorite Episode Ending?

This is a great topic. We should nominate some of the suggestions here and do a poll (just to keep the "voting booth" part of the forum relevant.)

I love just about all those you guys named. But, on quick reflection, those that stand out the most to me are:

Employee of the Month
The Test Dream
Join the Club
Kennedy and Heidi
The Blue Comet
*Made in America

*Obviously this one's beyond controversial, and, in some very important ways, I don't like it as a way to end the series. But it was still pretty hard to beat in terms of ratcheted tension and sudden, startling resolution.
Tony, his spirits crushed after b-lining to the fridge first thing in the morning: "Who ate the last piece of cake?"

Re: Your Favorite Episode Ending?

Soprano home movies: Another ending I chocked up on. Any innocence bobby might of had was thrown out the window the second he pulled that trigger. His sadness and his love for his child whom he hopes never loses her innocence was beautiful captured in that final scene. This magic moment was just a beautiful choice for the end of the episode. Bobby looking over the lake holding his daughter for comfort as the lyrics "Sweeter than wine, Softer than a summer's night, Everything I want, I have, Whenever I hold you tight" as the screen fades to black. Just beautiful.

I still think its one of the worst things Tony did (making Bobby clip a guy) in the final series (if not ever).

Re: Your Favorite Episode Ending?

One of my favorite endings, just because I thought it was hilarious, was in "A Hit is a Hit" when the Cusamano's are staring nervously at the box of sand. There was definitely a lovely feeling of justice to that, and I like the occasional light-hearted ending.

I thought the most powerful ending of any episode was in Employee of the Month. The whole final scene was heart-breaking, but it really was the delivery of the final "no" that made it as poignant as it was.

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I liked "Second Coming" the scene of the shadowy father Tony and Son AJ walking down the hall of the mental ward and that Italian song comes on that says something in Italian about a father and sons struggle to relate. It was a classic moment that summed up alot of the prior six seasons. Tony patting him on the head, it was a very loving moment in an ironic way. Classic Chase, so true to reality!!!
You know, Vito called me “skip” the other day. Slip of the tongue, no doubt. But I noticed he didn’t correct himself.

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Good point on that Second Coming scene. i still contend that the evolving and mostly improving relationship between Tony and AJ gets overlooked in the analysis of a lot of scenes- and i realize its partly because AJ is sometimes just so hard to stomach with his excruciating growing pains. There were times, especially in earlier eps, when i wished Chase would write him out! Now, i wouldn't have the show without him! I have really come to appreciate AJs character, and i appreciate Chase for kind of making me hang in there on him, against my inclination to just get rid of juvenile delinquents in my world. When i was growing up, i was probably too much of a goody two-shoes type, much to the dismay of my more normal and occasionally black-sheepish siblings that weren't so afraid to defy or challenge authority. i never went thru some of those hard struggles AJ and Meadow did, and the battles with my parents while i was younger. But i now realize how important they are for growing up and becoming independant and making peace with the "sins of the fathers" we inherit. And in turn, perhaps how important a prodigal-type son (or daughter) is to the parent who is learning to come to terms with realtionships as well. i can't help but think of the scene in the story of the prodigal son- where the son is coming down the road to return to his father's house after blowing his inheritance in debauchery, and being taken back into the fold with unconditional love. And meanwhile, the law-abiding brother had to grow up more too, and learn how to see it differently.

ANd further, now i realize how important AJ is to the whole main theme of Tony's evolvement thru therapy, which underlies the whole series. As the term "second coming" usually refers to the second arrival of the Son of God, this whole show really is a lot about the Father-Son relationship, and how critical it is for Tony to attempt to solve that riddle- -or at least realize that some mysteries cannot be "solved" but are meant to make peace with-- or maybe the mystery is there to invite us to make peace with it.

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badabellisima wrote:ANd further, now i realize how important AJ is to the whole main theme of Tony's evolvement thru therapy, which underlies the whole series.
The funny thing about that is that Melfi rarely seemed interested in talking about A.J. She frequently took an, "At least he's better than you," standpoint when Tony asked for advice about him.

In any case, I like what they did with A.J. In the early seasons, it didn't seem like they really knew what to do with them, besides continue the running-gag of sending him out of the room (which, for the record, I did find quite amusing). But later on in the series his lack of identity sort of becomes his identity, if that makes any sense. He's still finding himself when the show ends, but he's definitely made progress.

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i think you're right. Melfi was missing opportunities to get into more detail about AJ - or else, Chase was purposely having her do that to show her bias or the weakness of some therapists. i truly do feel that Tony was attempting to get at it- to get to the center of the problem, and that Melfi wasn't always able to assist him in that. The proof is that, even without Melfi after her disgraceful dumping of her patient, Tony continued and persisted in his efforts to work on his situation with AJ (even though he did try to turn that other session into his own soap box...).

Oh yeah, and to get back on thread topic- i agree that AJ shows progress at the episode end. in fact- i think he made lotsa progress, and its the underlying silver lining in the series. Even if Tony actually did get whacked, he left an improved legacy. Ahright, i know, it might not be much of an improvement. But how many of the supposedly non-criminal rich and famous and well-bred of society leave behind a pure and perfect legacy? There's plenty of generations of DuPonts, etc., that leave behind crazy or even murderous heirs, after gaining their wealth thru technically legal but very suspect methods. Like Chase said in that famous interview: Tiny steps. Making progress in tiny steps. Thats living!

Your Favorite Episode Endings

Simple question, really. What are your favorite episode endings? Mine are "Long Term Parking", "Stage 5", "The Blue Comet", and "Made in America".

"Long Term Parking" is a favorite of mine because the choice of song really fits the episode. Tony looks on in sadness because Adriana is gone and he now has to take care of Tony Blundetto. They are both "Wrapped in [his] memory".

I chose "Stage 5" because the tension between Tony and Chris is outstanding. You know how they feel just by looking into their eyes. And the song at the end is great.

"The Blue Comet" ending was an easy choice for me because it is an example of excellent filmmaking. Bobby is dead. Tony brings his AR-10 along with him up to the empty bedroom, sits on the edge of the bed and remembers the conversation he had with Bobby at the lake. He lies in the bed and the eerie music begins playing.

"Made in America" was also an easy choice because the ending is brilliant, in my opinion. You know what happens.
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