Favorite Episode of Season 6b

Soprano Home Movies (No votes)
Stage 5
Total votes: 1 (20%)
Remember When (No votes)
Chasing It (No votes)
Walk Like a Man (No votes)
Kennedy and Heidi
Total votes: 1 (20%)
The Second Coming
Total votes: 1 (20%)
The Blue Comet
Total votes: 2 (40%)
Made in America (No votes)
Total votes: 5

Re: Favorite Episode of Season 6b

This is a really hard question, all of these episodes were spectacular. Easily some of the best episodes ever. I picked Kennedy and Heidi, but I still would have to watch all the episodes again to make sure. The episode really sticks in my mind with the death of Christopher and how Tony acted afterwards. That said all of the final nine episodes have been burned in the back of my head. :icon_biggrin:

edit; I recently watched soprano home movies, and what can I say? Its a fucking amazing episode. The end made me cry. I really hate Tony for making Bobby do it, just as pay back for losing the fight, fucking prick:icon_evil:

Re: Favorite Episode of Season 6b

I went for Chasing it.

I found the Blue Comet to be a great episode, but the events in it are commenserate with the end of a series.

Chasing It focused on an entirely different side of Tony, a side that we didn't much see.

His income is based on gambling, and the assumption that people lose. In this episode, he became the loser. He effectively walked a mile in the shoes of those (like David Scortino) he parasites from for a living.

I thought, if he was ever going to change his ways, this would be the point.

Re: Favorite Episode of Season 6b

I voted for Soprano Home Movies. Not only is it my favorite episode of the season, but it's actually my personal favorite episode of the entire series. There's just something about it that makes me re-watch it time and time again. Other than The Blue Comet and Made In America, Soprano Home Movies is the episode I've watched the most. I really like the fight scene as well as the final moments with Bobby returning home. Perfect song choice and great scene with Bobby holding his daughter near the lake.

Re: Favorite Episode of Season 6b

I chose Kennedy and Heidi for several reasons.
Most importantly, I believe that this episode has the greatest artistic merit of all the Season Six B episodes. The moody, unexpected slaying of Christopher, the jagged camerawork of the first reactions to Peyote, the gambling scene, but of course the greatest would be the fantastic, beautifully filmed "I get it!" scene. In my opinion, Tony does not really get anything, other than the fact that his current lifestyle indulges his greed to the point where he will never change.

Other successes in this episode would be the great one liners ("I printed 500 prayer cards!" "Mangled beyond recognition." "I get it!").
This episode proves what kind of a selfish animal Tony is, and that he physically and mentally cannot change.

Re: Favorite Episode of Season 6b

I, too, choose Kennedy and Heidi, and I think it is probably the greatest episode of the entire series. Even though Chris is a terrible person in many ways, somehow his death hits the hardest of any character besides Adriana. Maybe it's partly the visceral way it's shot, as mentioned above... Chris's pained wheezing and choking on blood, the crushed car intermittently creaking and hissing, the pitch-darkness of the entire surroundings, the disgusted and evil look on Tony's face as he pinches Chris's nose... it's all past disturbing, into downright traumatic. After that sequence it feels like I've endured an emotional marathon.

But, actually, one of my favorite moments of the series is Carm's reaction when Tony calls her up from the hospital. As everyone knows, Edie Falco is amazing, and I dunno why but her simple, shocked reaction to the news of Chris's death puts tears in my eyes every single time. For me, this episode, along with The Second Coming, is the emotional climax of the series. Also, of course, the peyote/Vegas trip is amazing. I love the vivid, tactile quality to the images and especially the sound design as Tony and Sonya stumble through the casino at first.
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