Favorite Episode of Season 6b

Soprano Home Movies (No votes)
Stage 5
Total votes: 1 (20%)
Remember When (No votes)
Chasing It (No votes)
Walk Like a Man (No votes)
Kennedy and Heidi
Total votes: 1 (20%)
The Second Coming
Total votes: 1 (20%)
The Blue Comet
Total votes: 2 (40%)
Made in America (No votes)
Total votes: 5

Re: Favorite Episode of Season 6b

I voted Blue Comet. That episode had me on the edge of my seat the whole time. I've never been so nervous watching a television show. Sil played a big role in the ep. which was a plus for me. I liked the sit-down with Phil where he talks about Tony stepping over Junior to take the top spot. The two hits on Sil and Bobby were intense. I absolutely loved the ending with Tony thinking about the convo with Bobby in the boat and then falling asleep with the AR. The music that played with that was perfect for the scene. Amazing ep. Maybe my favorite ever.

Made in America was very close for me as well. This series really finished off strong IMO. This episode was classic (and very funny too).

3rd place on my list goes to "Walk like a man" which i considered a salute to Michael Imperioli's character.

4th place- Stage 5

Re: Favorite Episode of Season 6b

Up until the Monolopy scene in Home Movies, my favorite scene was the intervention at Christopoher's apartment when he was confronted about his drug problem. However, showing Tony, Carm, Bobby and Jen drunk and playing Monolopy was the best. I loved it when Bobby landed on a square and said, "I'll buy a railroad" Then when he died in a train store it reminded me of the old saying about "buying the farm" when someone dies.

Re: Favorite Episode of Season 6b

Ok, so I have yet to watch all the episodes from 6b a second time, so this is just a gut-reaction. I was the one guy who voted for Soprano Home Movies. Something about this episode just clicks for me. It was amazing, perhaps because it actually got Tony away from the mob-life to an extent. Until this time, the viewer is led to believe that if Tony should escape Jersey and the mob, he would be perfectly happy. And maybe that is true, but this episode does not imply it. Either that, or the mob has already taken it's toll on Tony, because this Tony that we see, is so sad, and foreboding, and vindictive. The ending with Bobby and "This Magic Moment" actually chokes me up a bit. Just a great episode. Many of the episodes from this season were abnormally strong, but I just loved this one.

Re: Favorite Episode of Season 6b

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Only 19 votes so far and The Blue Comet seems the early consensus pick for the favorite. Not a bad choice at all. What's yours?
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Re: Favorite Episode of Season 6b

I voted for The Blue Comet, for being the most intense hour of television I have ever experienced. The violence and action scenes are not the most important aspects of the show to me, and never have been, and I did not just vote for this one because it was one of the most violent episodes in the show's history. It was the feeling of imminent violence and danger that made the episode so strong, the feeling of dread and fear leading up to each moment of violence. And as the body count grew higher, so did the feeling that literally anybody could be next. Watching this episode was exhausting.

Perhaps the palpable feeling of danger and dread that accompanied every moment of 6b was a mere product of my mindset, knowing we were so close to the end. Every episode certainly had their ulta-tense moments, from Tony and Bobby's post-fight car ride in Sopranos Home Movies, to the boat-ride in Remember When, to just about every second Chris was on-screen in Walk Like a Man. The feeling that something big was coming grew and grew with each episode, and finally exploded in Blue Comet. It was my anxious, mentally distressed emotional reaction to every episode that made each so memorable. In fact, I'd say just about every hour could be considered "favorite episode" material. Only one episode wasn't as freakishly strong as the others, and even that one wasn't bad.

So I just wanted to say that while I voted for Blue Comet, my opinion could certainly change. Hell, it could change after every time I review 6b. Every episode was just that good, and I couldn't be more satisfied with the overall quality of 6b. There weren't any downright terrible episodes in 6a, they just often failed to meet my high expectations. I was occassionally left wanting more, and a little disappointed that I would have to wait another entire week for the chance to get it. This year, there was no disappointment whatsoever with episode quality. After every episode this half-season, I was left sitting in my recliner, grinning from ear to ear like an idiot. Not because the hour of television I had just watched was particularly funny or upbeat, but because I knew I was witnessing the end of something really special. So thank you, Mr. Chase!

Re: Favorite Episode of Season 6b

^^^ What he said (although it will be hard to find anyone that thinks 'Chasing It' was the best episode of 6B), and I also voted for "The Blue Comet." Seldom has a show made the audience felt the same type of dread and the-world-will-fall-on-top-of-us-at-any-moment worry that the characters on the show were feeling. Too bad "Made in America" couldn't follow this episode's footsteps and deliver the same type of edge-of-your-seat tension until the very end, and we all know how that ended.
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