Re: Top 5 Favorite Characters Ever

Silvio Dante
Feech Lamanna
Old Man Baccala
Rosalie Aprile
Bobby Baccala

This isn't to say that the characters were the most interesting, but they were the most believable and human. Face it: most of the characters in the series are caricatures. I like the series and have seen it several times, but have concluded that most of the characters were intentionally drawn as charming monsters.

Re: Top 5 Favorite Characters Ever

5. Tony Soprano

4. Chris Moltisanti

3. Paulie Gaultieri

2. Ralphie Cipharetto

1. Phil Leotardo

A bit biased with my no.1 choice as he was shooting advertisements here in Ireland for Permanent TSB, at the time I was working in Louis Copelands and I sold him some Canali suits. He made some funny canoli jokes and too top it off he tipped me 200 euro and posed for photos.

He plays a heartless bastard on the show but Frank Vincent is a top class man in real life.

Re: Top 5 Favorite Characters Ever

1.Toni, 2.Baccala Sr, 3.Carmela, 4.Feech Lamana, 4.Uncle Junior. 5.Paulie Walnuts. That's my 5 favorites. Toni,number one,definitely.The only doubts I had about number two and four. Baccala my hero.He was a barber and a hitman,lung cancer dying patient who did his last job for his boss.And he duy like man,happy and satisfied. Short role but real art.And all credits to Chase for selecting Burt Young for "real terminator". For my number two he won,but tight. Michele Feech La Manna deserves to be on this list,because original character,stubborn,unchanging old gangster , who didn't deserve to end the way he ended. That's the only thing in whole show that has touched me in a bad way,when Chris and Benny convince Feech to keep a truck with stolen tv's.That's the only black spot in Chase masterpiece.For me. Bullet was better for guy like Feech.I gave number 4 Feech and Corado Junior.Junior is crasy m.f,who bought me with complete role and,of course,song 'core 'ngrato.
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