Re: Top 5 Favorite Characters Ever

This is tough as you see below::icon_mrgreen:

1.)Tony Soprano

2.)Richie Aprile - Just a great, legit scary character and performance by David Proval

3.)Ralph Cifaretto

4.)Paulie Gualtieri

5.)TIE:Patsy Parisi/Mikey Palmice - Like someone else posted "Taken away too soon."

Honorable mention: Uncle Junior, Bobby Baccalieri, Phil Leotardo, Johnny Sacrimoni, Janice Soprano, David Scatino.

Man this is a hard thing to do as there were SO many memorable and great characters throughout the show.

Re: Top 5 Favorite Characters Ever

Aside from Tony . . .

Carmella - just ****in brilliant in her role. "If I have to do it, I just might kill myself" . . .
Livia - Wow, she owned that role.
Johnny Sac - No words, he was mesmerizing.
Silvio/ Paulie/ Chris/ Ade . . . Agent Harris
Artie Bucco - just so ****in funny and intense. Him and his wife - fantastic.
Junior - another casting master stroke.
Richie Aprile - see above
Meadow - perfectly sexy as the wealthy Italian Princess, while she follows in Carmella's mold of moral compromise for material compensation.
Jeanie Cusamano - Ok, it moved. Something about her just gets it for me.
The cop that jumped the bridge - especially when he pulled over Melfi and her boyfriend . . . the guy was great.

I don't know, I can't do this. There are too many.
Melfi, Ralphie, Bobby, etc . . .
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