Re: Top 5 Favorite Characters Ever

1. Tony Soprano
2. Christopher Moltisanti
3. Carmella Soprano
4. Johnny Sacrimoni
5. Adrianna LaCerva

My "also rans" include (in no order):

Ralph Cifuretto
Salvatore "Big Pussy" Bompensiero
Peter "Paulie Walnuts" Gaultieri
Corrado "Junior" Soprano
Livia Soprano
Mikey "Grab Bag" Palmice (taken from us too soon)

Re: Top 5 Favorite Characters Ever

crederer wrote:Chrissy before he became a drug addict.
:confused: Chrissy was using crystal meth with Brendan Filone right from the get-go. I never liked either his character, or Ade's. I was yelling "Do it, do it" at the screen when T was deciding whether to off Christopher after the accident.

Sil, Paulie, Bobby, Hesh, and Tony. Those are my five.

Re: Top 5 Favorite Characters Ever

Bobby Baccala
Uncle Junior and Sylvio are tied. I always enjoyed the scenes with Junior, Bobby, and Tony. My absolute favourite is when Bobby showed up at Junior's house in full hunting gear to find Paulie and Chrissy in Pine Barrens. Tony's laugh was so genuine and the look on Junior's face was priceless. Ah, the good 'ol days.
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