Re: The Sopranos, "All Time Favorite Episode" - The Finals

Indeed, I had better get my vote in early this time lest I forget...

Funhouse all the way.

Though Long Term Parking is as about a tense an episode as you get until late season 6, Funhouse allows you to pretty much realize what is happening early on. Yet it still makes the audience feel the tension in the air, feel for Pussy's character and remain repulsed by everyone's behavior. The death scene of Pussy, to my mind, is more emotional than Ade's (though both do include Sil.) Finally, the dream sequences of Funhouse top anything in Long Term Parking. And arguably the best scene to take place during the later episode's timeline is actually included in an entirely different episode (Chris and Tony in the basement.)

In terms of considering Funhouse my all time personal favorite, I can only say that perhaps Whitecaps, Second Opinion, The Test Dream or Whoever Did This might challenge it. Perhaps The Blue Comet and/or Made in America too, but I am not far enough away from those episodes to truly know just yet.
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Re: The Sopranos, "All Time Favorite Episode" - The Finals

Wow, I really thought Whitecaps was going to make it to the finals. Ok, well let's do this....

FINAL: Funhouse

I love Longterm Parking (and just about every nominee in the sweet sixteen). Season 5 is probably my favorite season, and Longterm Parking is my favorite from that season. However, as a well rounded episode, I think Funhouse walks away with my vote.

This laid the groundwork for the extended dream sequences which would become popular with the show. I love that Tony, even without any evidence, knows subconsciously that Pussy is ratting him out. And the only way Tony realizes it consciously is through his dreams. Just has so many great moments in it. And the closing montage says just about everything one needs to know about the series, the characters, the victims---everything.

A great, great episode. But, as it has already been discussed, a series with THIS many amazing episodes, choosing one is not just difficult, it is impossible, as all have their positive points. Thanks DH for putting this together, all your hard work really made this alot of fun. Now we will just have to see who beats who during the next week!

Re: The Sopranos, "All Time Favorite Episode" - The Finals

I'm going to have to go with Funhouse as well. Every single episode of the sixteen was excellent, and while I probably would have sent a different two episodes to the finals, I don't mind seeing these two come this far at all. Every single episode chosen at the begininng of this poll is fantastic, including (and especially) these two.

Funhouse is so memorable to me as the first episode to feature the extended dream sequence. I remember the first time watching this incredibly imaginative and surreal episode as a very fun affair. I still crack up when Silvio glides - not walks - into Tony's dream, and Tony smiles gleefully as Silvio barks "Our true enemy ...Has yet ...To reveal himself". And I've always loved Tony's little dream in the car, the ideal family dinner ending in applause. Hilarious!

Like DH said, though, you pretty much know from an early point what Tony's dreams will reveal to him, and what's going to happen after that. And while the first half of the episode is a fun little trip, the destination is anything but fun. Pussy was arguably the biggest character to be killed up to that point, certainly the murder that had the biggest effect on Tony. And after making Pussy's character such a sympathetic, tragic figure following his emotional breakdown in D-Girl, his death scene was made even more emotional and dreadful.

And to agree with garth, "the closing montage says just about everything one needs to know about the series, the characters, the victims---everything". And the use of the Stone's "Thru and Thru" over that montage is one of my favorite musical moments of the series.

So that's that. Let's do it again, DH, with sixteen more sweet episodes!

Re: The Sopranos, "All Time Favorite Episode" - The Finals

Final - Funhouse

While Long Term Parking was outstanding, I have to give the nod to Funhouse for all the reasons mentioned above and more. The dream sequences were great, the scenes were Pussy is discovered and whacked are classic. That episode meant a lot as the entire series unfolded. Every time you see a talking Billy Bass, see fish in a seafood restaurant or go deep sea fishing, you will be reminded of Funhouse.

Re: The Sopranos, "All Time Favorite Episode" - The Finals

Since this isn't the NCAA's March Madness brackets, I'm going with a "write in" vote for The Pilot as my all time favorite.

Without The Pilot I wouldn't be sitting here still thinking about the all-time best drama series in television history, three weeks after it concluded.

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