The Sopranos, "All Time Favorite Episode" - The Finals

Given that we wish to keep the forum alive following the final episode of The Sopranos, one of the activities planned is to run a "Sweet Sixteen" tournament to determine the all time favorite episode. There was some discussion of the concept in this thread so head over there to comment on the structure and read through what's been said already.

In coming up with the episodes that would compete, I have picked the winner in each of the various season polls, the runner up for those polls and in two cases, the third highest vote getter (if it received a higher percentage over other third place finishers and had more total votes.) For the second half of season 6, I picked two of the three 10s that have been rewarded through garthman's polls. This last is due to season 6 as a whole having more entries than other seasons, and having more total episodes. I thought it fair to have 4 of 20 episodes (not counting the finale.) In the finale's case, I felt that we should exclude it for a couple of reasons. One, to get a fair idea of where it ranks, we would need to wait at least a week to get a sample size equal to the other 6b episodes, and that many might automatically give it a 10 since it is the final episode ever. I struggled with this as I wanted each and every episode to compete, but in the end, decided that for many, the last ever episode might hold a special place in their hearts and minds and thus to proceed to see where the rest of them place.

In doing so, I have arrived at this list (seeded according to their votes and percentages):

1. The Blue Comet (a 10 receiving 96 total votes and 61% of the vote)
2. Pine Barrens (#1 for season 3 with 54% of vote)
3. Funhouse (#1 for season 2 with 48% of vote)
4. Whitecaps (#1 for season 4 with 47% of vote)
5. The Test Dream (tied for #1 for season 5 with 36% of vote)
6. Long Term Parking (tied for #1 for season 5 with 36% of vote)
7. Members Only (#1 for season 6a with 29% of vote)
8. College (#1 for season 1 with 23% of vote)
9. Join the Club (#2 for season 6a with 21% of vote)
10. The Sopranos, The Pilot (#2 for season 1 with 21% of vote)
11. Whoever Did This (#2 for season 4 with 19% of vote)
12. Employee of the Month (#2 for season 3 with 14% of vote)
13. From Where to Eternity (#2 for season 2 with 13% of vote)
14. Kennedy and Heidi (a 10 receiving 35 total votes and 31% of the vote)
15. Isabella (#3 for season 1 with 13% of vote)
16. Proshai, Livushka (#3 for season 3 with 11% of vote)

Note that Kennedy and Heidi is the fourth episode from season 6 and thus placed in the order it is to provide some fairness for the other seasons. As well, ties have been structured such that no episode can compete with another from its same season in the initial sweet sixteen. With the above, we have a great collection of episodes that can go toe to toe with any episode of any program in the history of television. Our job over the next few weeks is to whittle those down to one all time favorite for this forum.

(And a special note to lurkers - don't be afraid to sign up and vote. We'd love to hear your opinions. :smile:)

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Re: The Sopranos, "All Time Favorite Episode" - Sweet Sixtee

* * *

The Sopranos – Sweet Sixteen:

Bracket A: #1 The Blue Comet (season 6b) vs. #16 Proshai, Livushka (season 3)

Bracket B: #3 Funhouse (season 2) vs. # 14 Kennedy and Heidi (season 6b)

Bracket C: #5 The Test Dream (season 5) vs. #12 Employee of the Month (season 3)

Bracket D: #7 Members Only (season 6a) vs. #10 The Pilot (season 1)

Bracket E: #2 Pines Barrens (season 3) vs. #15 Isabella (season 1)

Bracket F: #4 Whitecaps (season 4) vs. #13 From Where to Eternity (season 2)

Bracket G: #6 Long Term Parking (season 5) vs. #11 Whoever Did This (season 4)

Bracket H: #8 College (season 1) vs. #9 Join the Club (season 6a)
* * *
Choose one from each of the above brackets listing the episode name next to the corresponding bracket letter. This 1st round will last until Saturday, June 16th when I will compile the votes and begin the 2nd round.

Happy voting and enjoy.
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Re: The Sopranos, "All Time Favorite Episode" - Sweet Sixtee

What a great set-up, DH!!! Thanks so much for this! Looks amazing. As I was glancing over the pair-ups, I was having a hard time deciding, between many of the contenders, which is a credit to your brackets! Ok, here goes...

Bracket A: The Blue Comet

Bracket B: Funhouse

Bracket C: Employee of the Month

Bracket D: The Pilot

Bracket E: Pine Barrens

Bracket F: Whitecaps

Bracket G: Longterm Parking

Bracket H: Join the Club

Re: The Sopranos, "All Time Favorite Episode" - Sweet Sixtee

If Made in America becomes an instant classic then maybe there can be a second tier of "Sweet 16", like the NIT with the Overall winner form the 1st round meeting the overall winner from the 2nd round for honors as the best episode ever!

I might as well use this opportunity to give a shoutout to some of my favorite eps that didn't make the final 16.

Pax Soprana(1)
Big Girls Don't Cry(2)
The Knight in White Satin Armor(2)
For All Debts Public and Private (4)
The Weight(4)
Stage 5(6)
Walk Like a Man(6)

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