Re: Most Annoying Character Overall

Opinions ranging from obscure, insignificant and hardly noticible characters to major players and others whose roles and characters were created to be intentionally annoying (and portrayed Oh, So Well!)

I think Noah fits the topic best, and characters such as Janice, Adriana, and Carm's parents (love Hugh!) should all be loudly applauded for their contributions.
Can "entertaining" be "annoying"?

Re: Most Annoying Character Overall

Noah, and definitely Meadow. Do people forget how ridiculously bratty she was in the first couple of seasons?

Also, am I the only one who likes Mikey Palmice and Brandan Filone? I wish Filone had a couple more episodes before dying. He was pretty funny... And Palmice was a bad motherfucker, I loved his hit on the guy who messed up Tony's assassination. The music and Junior looking at the dead guy as they rolled by was great.

Re: Most Annoying Character Overall

I'm surprise some people hate characters I love. Vito isn't a bad actor...

Jpit wrote:Two I got in mind [SPOILERS!]:

Janice - f*****g cunt killed Richie...and she never did anything good

Tony S - Gived away Richie's jacket, teased and finally killed Christopher and so on. Good character, but at the same time annoying as hell.
Guess this guy likes Richie.. haha

I don't know why people feel bad for Chris. Of all the people to be upset over being killed, Chris was a genuine scumbag who had it coming.(like most of the guys)

Re: Most Annoying Character Overall

Hi jukjuk

I, too, appreciated the role of Mikey Palmice.

You expressed being surprised that some people find characters that you're fond of as annoying (I shared the sentiment when seeing someone like Artie mentioned) but remember that these are often simply personal reaction and preference.

I'm amazed that someone who finds Tony S. to be annoying would bother to watch the show and visit and post here.

As I and at least one other poster pointed out, a character can be considered annoying yet also entertaining and vital to the series. The thread topic wasn't clearly defined as meaning the most useless, worthless or a waste.

Reflecting on the quote you cited, I thoroughly enjoyed the character and storyline of Richie Aprile (and think that the scene where Janice shoots him is Fantastic!) yet would cite his obsession with "the Jacket" as extremely annoying.

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