Re: Most Annoying Character Overall

1.)Eric Scatino_What a little punk. He thought he was sooo cool with his jeep...driving the cheerleaders out to the soccer field for practice? What a dweeb. Loser!

2.)Noah - 'Nuff said!

3.)Massive G...couldn't stand him

4.)Hesh - He just rubs me the wrong way most of the time.

5.)The little punk working at the bakery that Spider...Opps I mean Christopher shot in the foot.

Honorable mention: Jimmy Altieri.

Re: Most Annoying Character Overall

All of Tony's bad acting mistresses.

Brendan: I wish I was the one to shoot him in the eye.

Janice: Ugh, nuff said.

Meadow and AJ: Both results of stupid parenting. If I said SHOOT in my home growing up my mouth would've been slapped to a wall. I wasn't allowed to cuss in front of my parents in my 40s! Those two selfish brats weren't as much to blame as their parents but they knew how to act in front of their "friends" so they knew right from wrong. Meadow was A TINY BIT more tolerable than AJ who had NO redeeming qualities after season 1 at all, but she was all about HER.

AJ was a waste of a character because the actor didn't fulfill it's promise to prove he was really more like Tony than what people thought. The problem was Tony was played by a REAL actor and AJ was not.

Re: Most Annoying Character Overall

AJ by far. He was tolerable in the first 2 seasons when his storylines were small and really non-relevant to the major plotlines. Season 3 he began his ascent to the most annoying character on this or any other show EVER made.

In the season 3 finale I had high hopes that he would be sent to military school and would be written out of the show for the most part, but no such luck. With each season he became more and more intolerable culminating with season 6, where I was hoping he would succeed in killing himself.

He turned into such a spoiled, snivelling, weasely, crying little bitch that most of his scenes defied belief as it was difficult to imagine a male behaving like that in real life. Every moment he was on screen was a waste of valueable time that could have been used for other characters and plotlines

Vitos homosexuality and AJs crying and depression storylines were the major downfalls of season 6. To waste so much time on characters that were essentially irrelevant baffled me. Watching those episodes I get the feeling that I have to trudge through these pointless scenes with AJ and Vito so I can get back to the real show. I think that starting with season 4 you could edit out every scene with AJ and not lose a single bit of substance from the show. Other than the issue Vito caused between Tony and Phil the same could also be said for Vito.

The actor playing AJ was also horrible so I'm sure that contributes to my overall dislike for the character. I can remember watching his storylines and just wanting to reach into the television and slap the shit out of him for being such a snotty little bitch. At the end of MIA when it went black I wasnt pissed because I didnt know what happened to Tony, I was pissed because I was hoping AJ would get shot.

Re: Most Annoying Character Overall

Wow to all the hate for AJ.

Thespian or not, in terms of the overall contributions to the show, I thought at the very least Robert Iler was one of the funniest characters on the show in seasons 1-2. The stuff with Livia, the trouble he would get into, the confused kid scenarios, that was slice-of-life priceless stuff.

Re-watch the scene where he tells Pussy what he was getting on his report card. Or the scene where he is immediately bored at Meadow's recital and the camera switches over to him. Not to mention "the fucking ziti". I would be looking forward to any scene with him in that period.

After season 2, he was getting older so that little kid comedic stuff wasn't as apparent and the character became a little more moody and unlikable.

By season 6, he's a young adult and the season, in retrospect, was a lot about him. They asked him to do a lot of dramatic stuff that I thought he nailed. The pool scene? The scene between him & Tony after he went after Junior? That's good dramatic acting.

Re: Most Annoying Character Overall

I agree that in seasons 1 and 2 he added some relief and gave a bit of insight into Tonys fathering style. But starting with season 3 his character became so unlikeable that having him use up screen time seemed a waste.

Also in season 6 he basically became David Chase's personal political soapbox against George Bush with a large portion of his dialouge revolving around anti-war/Bush monolouges. His character was irritating enough without also having to deal with him being blatantly used as a political mouthpiece.

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