Favorite Episode of Season 5

Two Tony's (No votes)
Rat Pack (No votes)
Where's Johnny (No votes)
All Happy Families (No votes)
Irregular Around the Margins (No votes)
Sentimental Education (No votes)
In Camelot (No votes)
Marco Polo
Total votes: 1 (14%)
Unidentified Black Males (No votes)
Cold Cuts
Total votes: 1 (14%)
The Test Dream
Total votes: 3 (43%)
Long Term Parking
Total votes: 2 (29%)
All Due Respect (No votes)
Total votes: 7

Re: Favorite Episode of Season 5

I'm with the majority here in choosing Long term Parking. Ade's death scene is probably my favorite in the series. Everything about the way it was filmed and everything in the episode leading up to it was just perfect in my opinion. I almost feel for her when watching it when she first realizes what's going on. It's actually almost scary to watch. As much as you know it's coming at some point, the way it was done was just great.

Re: Favorite Episode of Season 5

My favourite episodes from Season 5 ranked:

1) Long Term Parking
2) The Test Dream
3) Irregular Around The Margins
4) All Due Respect
5) In Camelot
6) Where's Johnny?
7) Marco Polo
8) Two Tonys
9) Cold Cuts
10) Unidentified Black Males
11) Sentimental Education
12) Rat Pack
13) All Happy Families
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