Favorite Episode of Season Four

For All Debts Public and Private (No votes)
No Show (No votes)
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The Weight (No votes)
Pie-O-My (No votes)
Everybody Hurts (No votes)
Watching Too Much Television (No votes)
Mergers and Acquisitions (No votes)
Whoever Did This
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The Strong, Silent Type (No votes)
Calling All Cars (No votes)
Eloise (No votes)
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Total votes: 4

Favorite Episode of Season 4

Just wondering what favorite episodes among the crew are.
I really enjoyed this season as well, my favorites are:

Whitecaps- I thought this was a very powerful ending and was named appropriately because of the stormy relationship we have seen with Tony and Carmella. The acting between Gandolfini and Falco was brilliant. There was also comic relief with Tony dealing with getting his deposit back.

Whoever Did This: Starting out with Ralph's tragedy he becomes a "changed man", but did he. The death of Pie O My
and Tony's reaction in thinking that Ralph had killed another Innocent girl.

The Strong Silent Type- I loved the intervention



To me Eloise was by far the best episode in season 4. Whitecaps drew together loose ends like juniors trial and hud profits between carmine and tony and tony and carmela's marriage. but eloise had me aching for more. with all the cliffhangers left before whitecaps, it couldve been a season ender. examples are eugene and the juror, furios attempt on tonys life and leaving, the trashing of carmines restaurant, the shutting down of the espalanade, paulie finding out carmine doesnt know who he is, paulie killing that old lady, and johnny sack asking tony to whack carmine. man now that i think about it, it was an awesome episode!


eloise and why it is good

Eloise is great for one reason: It gives a clear picture of how Tony treats and thinks about women. The way he
offers a gift trip whixh is we all know WAS NOT A GIFT OF GUILT,
the way he talks to her daughter, and to Carm at the end of the episode: how he tries to settle the tension between the two women with adoration toward both of them.


Favorite Episode of Season 4

We've moved through three seasons so far in these polls and I figure I should get moving with the rest since the rest of season six is upon us. So, just like in the other polls, please choose your favorite and then post and tell us why you picked that one. The others polls are still very much open with season one getting 13 votes thus far, season two with 8 and season three with 5. I know we have more fans of the show than that, so let's hear what you have to say.

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Re: Favorite Episode of Season Four

I went with Whitecaps. This whole season gets alot of unneccessary crap in my opinion. I think originally watching the fourth season, I was a bit irked by the slower pace. However, in repeated viewings, it actually is pretty high up on my list of favorite seasons. But, to the point, my decision was between Whitecaps and Whoever Did This. It was a hard decision, and while Whoever...is an amazing episode, Whitecaps simply hits the right note with EVERYTHING. We get resolution to Jr.'s trial, we see Bobby & Janice's relationship progressing, the NY business is wrapped up (in a small, tiny bow, as even the first time watching this, we know more will be heard of from Sac regarding this whole incident), a perfect "one-off" story with the beach-house, and of course, the meat of the episode Tony/Carm's relationship.

I think I might save a more in-depth review for the "poll" thread as I have been doing. But I think this is just a great-great episode, and even considering how amazing most of the season finales are, this one certainly stands up there with them.

Re: Favorite Episode of Season Four

garthman00 wrote:Post
Ditto, everything you just said, "Whitecaps" for the win. And I agree, season four is very underrated. I also love "Everybody Hurts", "Whoever Did This", "Calling All Cars", and "Eloise". Actually I just realized most all of my favorites are from the end of the season. I guess the season started off just a little slow, but the second half more than made up for any less-than-memorable episode towards the begininng. Overall, it was another great season, and I just don't understand a lot of people's complaints about it.

Re: Favorite Episode of Season Four

It's between "Whoever Did This" and "Whitecaps" for me, but I chose "Whoever Did This". The killing of Ralphie is just one of the most haunting moments in the show history, and it's something that sticks with you for a long, long time.

I commented in another thread about Season 4 (can't remember which one) but I agree with others who say it was an underrated season. I don't think enough has been made about the importance of 9/11. Season 4 was, to me, an honest commentary on post-9/11 America, and all the paranoia, confusion, and dispirit associated with it. It just hung over the whole season, IMO.

Re: Favorite Episode of Season Four

I went with the "Whoever Did This" as well, probably in my top 3 of all time favorite episodes. So much happened in this episode to not love it. Probably the most action packed episode ever. From the hillarious late night phone call prank from Ralphie to Paulie's mom as payback for Paulie passing on the Ginny Sack joke to John. To the tragedy with Ralph's son that humanizes him just before the beginning of the end for him.
Many people have commented on the Tony/Ralph kitchen brawl. It is without a doubt the most violent, animalistic finale half's of any Soprano episode. It is amazing that there are no cut aways to any other scenes or characters once Christopher arrives to help Tony dismember the former captain. This episode seems to be the first episode that Tony sees the potential danger that Christopher's drug use can have on buisness, as Tony really needed him to step up and be responsible in that moment.

Re: Favorite Episode of Season 4

Well I went with the obvious choice, Whitecaps. It's greatness is so self-evident that I know I don't need to bother with much of an explanation.

There were many other great episodes that season, however, and all these merit consideration for best of season:
  • No Show - I felt this was a stupendous episode with the most tense, best acted scenes of the series between Meadow and Tony. The B plot involving Chris' rapid ascension in Paulie's absence, the resentment it cause among others in the crew, and the horrible confrontation between Patsy and Chris that ended with a bystander getting a pipe to the head, was oustanding. I also love the quiet, subtle way the episode ended, Carmela in the tub telling a bewildered Tony that Meadow blames her, not Tony. "For what?" She doesn't answer, but the audience knows.
  • Whoever Did This - Again, one this one speaks for itself. Terrific performances by Joey Pants and JG and easily the most realistic death fight I've ever seen. But this episode lost a little too much steam for me after the whacking. I felt the body disposal was a little to pedestrian and drawn out. There was a nice recovery in the last scenes, though, as Tony sees Tracee's picture in the Bing and later walks into the bright sunlight as a revamped version of Morricone's harmonica theme from Once Upon a Time in the West plays.
  • The Strong, Silent Type - Right up there with Proshai, Livushka as the funniest episode ever. The visual alone of a strung out Chris sitting on top of Cossette and not even realizing it is cruelly funny. Don't even get me started on the "carefrontation".:icon_biggrin::icon_biggrin::icon_biggrin::icon_biggrin:
  • Calling All Cars - The Tony-Melfi scenes in this ep are among my absolute favorite of the series. His bitter taunts about how wortheless therapy is were both funny and sad, and his final goodbye -- awkward, tender, and poignant, all at once -- was highly memorable. The dreams that bookend the episode illuminated important new facets of Tony's unspoken feelings, fears, and desires. A very underrated episode.
  • Eloise - A great episode primarily because of its treatment of a taboo subject, how personal stress and failures can actually cause a mother to resent and be jealous of her own daughter's accomplishments, even though the mother was instrumental in shaping the daughter in the first place.
Tony, his spirits crushed after b-lining to the fridge first thing in the morning: "Who ate the last piece of cake?"

Re: Favorite Episode of Season 4

Season 4 is very underrated IMO and i think it is the 3rd best behind seasons 1 and 2. It offered a lot of great Sopranos moments/storylines including:

-The infamous "whacking" of Ralph in a geat episode capped off by amazing music as Tony leaves the Bing at the end. Great acting by Joey Pants.
-Chris's escalating drug issues coinciding with his promotion.
-One of my favorite scenes ever on the show when Johnny Sac brings up the idea of clipping Carmine to Tony under the bridge. Amazing scene.
-A more white collar portrayal of the mob with the esplanade, corrupt politicians, the HUD scam, etc.
-The scene where Gene intimidates the juror was great.

Also, "For all debts public and private" is one of my favorite season openers. I just felt it incorporated a little bit of everything-much like the pilot.

If I had to pick my favorite episode I'd go with "The Weight" (rivalry between two of my all time favorite characters Sac and Ralphie)
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