Re: Least Favourite Episode?

"Test Dream" is definitely my least favorite episode of all time, I always found the dream sequences to be the weakest aspect of the TV series, most of the time they came across as pointless and a waste of time, so to have almost an entire episode devoted to dream sequences was a big mistake in my eyes, the episode was just very dull and uninteresting as a whole.

I also mostly disliked the season 6 episodes "Join the Club" and "Chasing It", as they felt like filler episodes that only existed to pad out the season without really advancing the plot.

When it comes to least favorite storylines, I have to agree with the others on the whole Vito being gay plot, it just didn't work for me at all. For one thing him being gay did not feel organic to his character in the least, if there had been some hints and foreshadowing towards him being gay in previous seasons then I might have been willing to accept it, but there was nothing at all to give any sort of indication, so to me it just came across as though Chase and the writers "turned" him gay for the sake of padding out the season.

Also while Vito was an OK supporting character, he was nowhere near developed or interesting enough to warrant that much screen time(though i'll admit I did laugh at Vito being bored stiff at his handyman job), I would've much rather that screentime had gone to other more interesting characters. Yes it was admittedly a brave storyline, but "brave" doesn't always necessarily translate to "good", and this case it was just too ill-conceived, unbelievable and far too drawn out for me to be able to care about it being brave.
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