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If we're talking about storylines, the Vito storyline wasn't necessarily my favorite, but I thought it was better acted and presented than something like the Jackie jr. storyline.

A lot of the Vito storyline hate comes from it being introduced in the last group of episodes and people not expecting that kind of drawn-out storyline with a minor character so late in the series. And I'm not saying it happened in these parts, but the fact that it was a gay storyline turned off a lot of the neanderthal types that watch the show, which to me was worth the price of admission right there. :icon_rolleyes:

I also really don't get why people say it was "filler". Filler is something you do that's safe and bland to pad things, but there was nothing safe about it. They knew it was going to be controversial. Whether you think he completely succeeded or not, introducing a gay storyline into a mafia show was probably one of the bravest things Chase ever attempted.

Plus, when it's all said and done, I think the series as a whole will be stronger for attempting something different like the Vito storyline, as opposed to introducing something the series had already done before, like a new baddy for Tony to butt heads with.

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In the whole run of the show, I thought there were only maybe two or so episodes that I didn't think were good. The one that comes to my mind at the moment is Legend of Tennessee Moltisante. Seriously, when I saw that I thought they must have brought in some horrible guest writer. I was very surprised when I saw that it was by Frank Renzulli and David Chase, who are usually so brilliant. Between Chris's screenplay and Melfi's dinner, the whole episode came off to me as far too self-referential. Don't get me wrong, I think self-reference can be a good tool in certain contexts, but only if it's both funny and put in a show that doesn't take itself seriously enough for it to be jarring. Plus the whole thing with Melfi confronting the moral ambiguities of treating her patient could have been really interesting, but they way they did it was just so contrived. "Don't use offensive language." "Oh, my God! You must be treating someone in the Mafia!"

To be fair, there was one scene in that episode I really liked - the one with Tony and Christopher in the car. But, to me, that was its one redeeming factor.

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I really like 'A hit is a hit'.

For quite a few reasons, but mainly for the scene where Chris and Ade have just got home after the party, and she undresses and dances to Bon Jovi!

I know it's not as deep as most reasons to love episodes, but I cannot lie, I enjoyed seeing Adrianna wearing very little! :icon_biggrin:

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HitmanFurio wrote:I agree.
They gave Vito all that time.
I would have preferred seeing
a more in depth look at Sil or Paulie.
I just didn't like the Vito character at all.
I have been re-watching all the Vito saga and I must agree that it was overly extended, perhaps to fulfill a contract or make sure the season had enough episodes. On the other hand, I think the writing remained true to the quality we expected, viz. Vito shooting the other accident driver, showing that he continues to have no scruples at all (recall he shot Jackie Jr)...the gossiping amongst the crew and Carmela and Ro...Phil "coming out" of the closet before the beating...extended, yes. But not a waste!
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Most of Season six was just one bad episode after another. The interminable coma dream sequences and the disgusting hospital room scenes ruined the first three episodes. The episodes about Vito and his gay relationship in NH had me skipping so much of the dvd that the episodes with him in it only took 10 minutes to watch.
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