Favorite Episode of Season 3

Mr. Ruggerio's Neighborhood (No votes)
Proshai, Livushka (No votes)
Fortunate Son (No votes)
Employee of the Month (No votes)
Another Toothpick (No votes)
University (No votes)
Second Opinion (No votes)
He Is Risen (No votes)
The Telltale Moozadell (No votes)
To Save Us All From Satan's Power
Total votes: 1 (20%)
Pine Barrens
Total votes: 4 (80%)
Amour Fou (No votes)
Army of One (No votes)
Total votes: 5

Favorite Episode of Season 3

Just wondering what are favorite episodes of others in the crew.
This is my least favorite season. There were some great episodes, but the storylines with Meadow and her whiny roommate got a little tired. And I must confess I was glad when Jackie Jr got his just deserts.

Pine Barrens-need I say more

Employee of the Month- Dr Melfi is forced to deal with her own vulnerabilities and whether she should tell Tony about her
attack by the "Employee of the Month"

Prshai, Livushka- another farewell- the scenes in this episode that I thought were great were : after the funeral the sharing of favorite Livia moments-Carmella's final statement that brought the outpouring to an end and Artie wanting to share a secret of his own. I can't forget about Christopher's words of wisdom relating to Livia.


Favorite Episode of Season 3

We've not had as much interest in these polls as I originally anticipated, but since we've started, we might as well keep at it. If you have not voted for season 1 or season 2 yet, head over there and cast your vote. Here are some handy links:

Season One

Season Two

I hope to have a "playoff" of sorts with the favorite for each once we move through all six seasons, but that will depend greatly on the number of votes cast for each. So far, we have only 12 votes for season one and only 5 (:eek:) for season two.

Surely we can do better than that. :icon_biggrin: So, let's see what you thought of season 3. As usual, please feel free to include why you picked the one that you did. In fact, it is greatly encouraged. So vote away...
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Re: Favorite Episode of Season Three

Season 3 has always been my favorite season of the Sopranos, partly because I just like the phase of life that the family was in at that point.

Meadow was starting college and embarking on her first real efforts to separate herself from her family, and there was this very obvious push/pull dynamic to the whole thing. AJ was confronting serious questions about his future, with Jackie Jr. as the most likely example of what it might hold. Carmela was forced once again to introspect about her own choices in life and her culpability in remaining married to Tony.

Ralph, probably the most interesting "villain" the show ever had, was complicating Tony's work life, as was Jackie Jr.

The most illuminating and dramatic of Tony's affairs played out in the dynamic relationship with Gloria.

Tony's therapy produced important insights and featured many memorable scenes.

With such a wealth of GREAT episodes to choose from, it's very difficult to single out one. I especially had a hard time deciding between Employee of the Month, largely one of those "stand alone" episodes, and Army of One but ultimately chose the latter because it connects to so many ongoing themes in the show, in particular Meadow's struggle to both love and reject her father and Tony and Carmela's fears -- and differning visions -- for AJ's future. It's a terrific episode, packed with tension, emotion, and, ultimately, a sense of the darker tone that would ensue in subsequent seasons.

Re: Favorite Episode of Season Three

I went with Fly's second choice, Employee of the Month. I detailed a few reasons why I enjoy and admire the episode so much in another thread I started recently (One episode for the time capsule), but basically it comes down to a pretty flawless marriage of writing, acting and directing. I consider it to be one of the greatest hours of television ever (hell, if it was released in the theater I would consider it one of the greatest movies of our time, but would probably complain about it's short length

Re: Favorite Episode of Season Three

Interesting to read everyone's take on season 3. While, as a whole, it wasn't my favorite season, I think it offered some of the greatest stand alone episodes (Employee of the Month, Pine Barrens, University) the show ever produced.

How does it get better than Employee of the Month? The acting, tension, and drama are unreal here. Bracco was as good as she's ever been in this episode. The moment when Tony asks Melfi if she has anything to say at the very end of the episode is the most suspenseful moment that I can think of on The Sopranos.

Re: Favorite Episode of Season Three

One more plug for Employee of the Month . . . it features what, to me, is one of the most hilarious moments in the series. Melfi is talking to Carmela on the phone and Tony walks into the kitchen in bathrobe and underwear, oblivious to the fact that Carm is obviously talking to someone about HIM. There is a singular, driven purpose to his walk and expression as he heads to the refrigerator. When he opens it, even though his back is to the camera, we feel his spirits immediately crash to the ground. "Who ate the last piece of cake?" LMAO! Then, instead of cake, he winds up eating a piece of celery. Talk about a come down. You can see I liked this scene so much that I made it a signature.

Obviously, Tony hadn't learned the fine art of how to hide food from others in the household, as by carefully wrapping a piece of cake and putting it under some bell pepper in the vegetable keeper. My dad coined the term "defensive storage" to refer to this phenomenon, which went on quite a lot in my household.:icon_biggrin:
Tony, his spirits crushed after b-lining to the fridge first thing in the morning: "Who ate the last piece of cake?"

Re: Favorite Episode of Season Three

Fly, what about the converstion afterwards when Tony is told by Carm that Melfi was in an accident and she hurt her knee? Tony looks visibly pained as he explains how difficult injuring a knee is and how long it takes to recover.

I thought this was a playful reference to mobsters "taking your kneecaps out" and the fact that Tony would naturally be an expert on those kinds of injuries.

Re: Favorite Episode of Season Three

AJColossal, the whole scene was great, very funny. I hadn't thought of your interpretation on the knee angle, though that makes a lot of sense. I thought Tony was lamenting the fact that the legs which he had such a great time eyeballing during therapy might become blemished. He refers to them leaving a "bad scar", which only fuels the look of jealousy and disgust that Carmela was trying to stifle. Tony then tries to cover himself by comparing it to Joe Namath's knee injuries, LMAO.

As serious as the episode is, the humor continues even on the other end of the phone line when Melfi's ex is dusting and can't help his tabloid-like curiousity about the Soprano household. Then Melfi calls another patient, ostensibly with some kind of phobia: "I know talking on the phone upsets you, but I have to cancel our next appointment."

The whole scene is just a completely organic, natural infusion of comedy into the ep, which illustrates as good as any episode I can think of how this show is so life-like, so many different things at the same time.
Tony, his spirits crushed after b-lining to the fridge first thing in the morning: "Who ate the last piece of cake?"

Re: Favorite Episode of Season Three

I voted for Amour Fou. Just a great episode. I have always loved Gloria's character and her relationship with Tony. The fact that they met in Melfi's waiting room is hilarious enough. But Tony has finally met his match. A woman who is unafraid of him and gives him a run for his money. To me, she was just an amazing character who gave this season some real life and energy. Tony's interactions with her were always great to watch, and because Amour Fou focused specifically on their relationship, it takes my spot as my favorite episode. Tony has one of his best conversations with Melfi in this episode, discussing Gloria and her "dark/complex" eyes. Some intriguing interactions there. Jackie hitting up the card game, an idea given to him by Ralph, which then leads Tony to make one of his smartest (business-wise) decisions ever. He gives Ralph the choice of making the decision of whether or not to give Jackie a pass. Tony thereby washes his hands completely of the deal.

This episode is just full of tension, the meeting and drive home with Carm and Gloria. But probably my favorite scene of this episode (and possibly the season) is when Tony confronts Gloria and he comes to the realization (after she utters the fateful, "poor you") that he has essentially been dating his mother. Great scene. Great episode

Re: Favorite Episode of Season Three

All due respect, I gotta go with Army of One.

Season three was largely about Jackie Jr. and this is where it all ends for him. The parental concern Tony and Carmela show for AJ is great. Meadow shows her ability to defend the Family even if she does think it's bullshit. The closer with Core 'ngrato is absolutely beautiful and I get chills when I hear and see it.

Interestingly the season premiere, 'Mr. Ruggerio's Neighborhood' is my least favorite of the whole seeries.

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