Favorite Episode of Season Two

Guy Walks Into A Psychiatrist's Office (No votes)
Do Not Resuscitate (No votes)
Toodle-Fucking-Oo (No votes)
Total votes: 1 (14%)
Big Girls Don't Cry (No votes)
The Happy Wanderer (No votes)
D-Girl (No votes)
Full Leather Jacket (No votes)
From Where To Eternity
Total votes: 1 (14%)
Bust-Out (No votes)
House Arrest (No votes)
The Knight In White Satin Armor
Total votes: 2 (29%)
Total votes: 3 (43%)
Total votes: 7

Favorite Episode of Season 2

Just wondering what are favorite episodes from Season 2
this is personally my favorite season so it is tough for me to choose favorites, but here I go

The knight in White Satin Armor- good bye to Richie Aprille and
Janice in one swoop. I thought it was a great scene between Janice and Richie- I just loved in when Richie said "What are you gonna cry" and Janice's immediate response.

Funhouse-another fond farewell to Big Pussy this time. I really enjoyed the dream sequences during Tony's bout of food poisoning.

Big Girls Don't Cry- we are introduced to Furio's work ethic.
and I think Christopher in the acting workshop was hilarious.


Re: Favorite episode Season 2

yeah it's tough ... season 2 has so many good episodes. I really like those episodes you mentioned, but I love Commendatori. Something with the fact that it's on location in Italy, and the music, etc. Paulie is classic in this, and I think my all time favorite line is, "Yo T! I gotta hoof it back to the Excelcior. I gotta take a WICKED s---." Chrissy in the car on the way back from the airport.

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Favorite Episode of Season 2

Well, I was a bit underwhelmed by the amount of participation in the season one poll (which is still ongoing, by the way) but as folks are just now perhaps seeing that season for the first time, I figured let's step forward to season two.

This poll will work exactly like the previous one in that we will keep it open and allow new and old members alike to vote on their favorites from this particular season. If possible, vote and then post here and let us know why you picked the episode you did. Discussion is no bad thing. :icon_wink:

I know right now that I am going to have to give this one some thought as there were many episodes I enjoyed from this season.

If anything, I hope this gives the members something to do until we get our 6b episodes. Have fun. :icon_biggrin:
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I voted for 209

I must say that this season has a ton of great ones but I've posted it before so I'll post it again..

“From Where to Eternity” has always been one of my favorites. I love the way the episode is structured; beginning and ending with the great Otis Redding's "My Lover's Prayer." It does a great job of highlighting the internal conflict of the mob life versus the Christian beliefs of several major characters. IMO, It has one of the best Tony/Melfi scenes, as Tony goes on a diatribe to justify the Mob’s place in American Capitalism as well as spuoting out his understanding of eternal justice. It’s just an incredible job from all parts of production.

Re: Favorite Episode of Season Two

Second the nominee for "From Where to Eternity". Great Melfi session where Tony explains why him and his "soldiers" won't go to hell. And the 3 o' clock reference has popped up several times throughout the series.

Also written by Michael Imperioli, who got some flack for some of the other episodes he wrote (namely "Christopher"), but this one was a gem.

Re: Favorite Episode of Season Two

Season 2 is my least favorite season . . . but that's like saying I like hot apple pie less than hot apple pie with vanilla ice cream.

The season's top tier episodes for me include "Guy Walks Into . . .", "The Happy Wanderer", "Bust Out", "Knight In White Satin Armor", and "Funhouse". I have a hard time picking from among those, but, at the water's edge, would go with "Funhouse". Obviously the resolution of the Pussy storyline was big, but the whole food poisoning thing produced unsurpassed hilarity.

One of my favorite lines in the whole series comes when Tony is sulking after whacking Pussy and Carmela asks whether he bought Meadow's computer yet for her graduation gift. He yells back at her in typical displaced emotional fashion and she replies, "Don't snap at me. [You'll] press your luck with this diarrhea."

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Re: Favorite Episode of Season Two

I'd have to agree and go with 'Funhouse', the culmination of events and the depressing inevitability of Pussy's demise was just too perfect. And the closing montage, Keith Richards and all, was the point when I realised this show was not just a great drama but something really special.
I can't remember the episode titles offhand, but other individual moments which stick in my mind are the whole business with Tony giving Richie's jacket to the cleaner's husband, and the card game in which Silvio calls Matt Bevilaqua's friend 'cheese-fuck', one of the most re-windably funny scenes in the entire series.
Great stuff.

Re: Favorite Episode of Season Two

I've thought long and hard on this one, and even went back and watched the season once more (as if that was some hardship) and I have to agree with you, Tennessee Moltisanti. Funhouse brings everything this season had together. In fact, the last four or five episodes were top notch even though I also agree with Fly that there was some weakness in this season, D Girl also being my least favorite episode (nor was I real crazy about the Vic Musto, wallpaperer extraordenaire stuff.)

But especially the dreams Tony had, and as mentioned, the great closing montage to Thru and Thru which echos the season opener and provides a nice bookend. I can easily say this is when I started watching on a regular basis, near the end of this season, and this was one of the shows that first made me realize just how incredible this program truly was.

So, Funhouse it is. :icon_biggrin:
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Re: Favorite Episode of Season Two

Season 2 was, in retrospect, a little light on storylines. It was basically about Janice, Richie, and Pussy being a rat. I think you can say that it got off to the slowest start of any Sopranos season as well. It was only until the fifth or sixth episode where the season started to gain momentum.

Oddly enough, I could make the argument that it might be my favorite season. I was probably more emotionally invested in this season's storylines (Pussy's betrayal of the family, Richie's threat to Tony) than any any of the others. Yeah, it had so-so moments ("Do Not Resuscitate" comes to mind) but the highs were up there with any of them.

Re: Favorite Episode of Season Two

I chose "Guy Walks Into a Psychiatrist's Office..." I think the scene between Melfi and Tony in the diner stands as my favorite scene between the two of them even now, and also one of my favorite scenes in general. We also get the return of Pussy (they should do a spin-off called Tony's Basement - how many great scenes have there been down there?) and the first appearance of Janice, whom I found most compelling during season two. The ending scene is also fantastic, with Tony, rejected by Melfi, going home to Carmela (later echoed in the season five premiere). I also love the male psychiatrist telling Tony that he's "seen Analyze This." Probably the best season opener they've done next to Two Tonys.
FlyOnMelfisWall wrote:Season 2 is my least favorite season . . . but that's like saying I like hot apple pie less than hot apple pie with vanilla ice cream.
I'm curious, Fly. Care to expand on why that is? It's most people's favorite season, I think (but not mine). I, personally, don't rank it any lower or higher than any other season.
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