What is your favorite episode of season 1?

The Sopranos (Pilot) (No votes)
46 Long (No votes)
Denial, Anger, Acceptance (No votes)
Meadowlands (No votes)
Total votes: 3 (38%)
Pax Soprano (No votes)
Down Neck (No votes)
The Legend of Tennessee Moltisanti
Total votes: 1 (13%)
Boca (No votes)
A Hit is a Hit (No votes)
Nobody Knows Anything (No votes)
Total votes: 2 (25%)
I Dream of Jeannie Cusamano
Total votes: 2 (25%)
Total votes: 8

Re: Favorite Episode of Season 1

My favourite episodes from Season 1 ranked:

1: Isabella
2: The legend of Tennessee Moltisanti
3: I Dream of Jeannie Cusamano
4: Boca
5: Down Neck
6: Meadowlands
7: Nobody Knows Anything
8: College
9: Denial, Anger, Acceptance
10: A Hit is a Hit
11: 46 Long
12: Pax Soprana
13: The Sopranos
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