Your favorite quotes from any episode prior to Season 6

Now that season 6 has ended, it seems to me that some of the threads we had for each episode may be fun to post for any or all of the previous seasons.

The purpose of this thread is to post your recollection of some of your favorite quotes from any episode prior to Season 6. If you just post your recollection, I think it might be fun to check the exact quote later and see how it differs from your recollection.

When the Russian lady (with one leg) goes to Junior's house and sees Janice, I recall her saying:

"Echhh! You are a boring voman. Get the fuck away from me."

This is one of my favorite scenes because it shows the danger of apologizing to someone for a past wrong. You have to be prepared for them to reject your apology and to accept the fact that they reject it.

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Re: Your favorite quotes from any episode prior to Season 6

you are exactly right, splishak. you made me remember just how short and sweet and stingingly accurate that scene was. IMO, that Russian was incredible, and a real asset to the show. I kept wanting my sister to watch those episodes, because in real life, my sister had to have her leg off due to cancer, and i wanted her to be inspired by how strong and able a woman could be in spite of a major setback like that.

This scene/quote slightly parallels the scene with Ro & Carm in paris when Carm attempts to apologize to Ro about being insensitive about Jackie Jr., but Ro doesn't quite let her off the hook right away. Carm has to eat some crow, not to mention foie gras, duck, eggs and fennel.

Another memorable quote from an old ep---
(sorry don't remember exactly which one):

<span style="text-decoration:underline">"She's a real thoroughbred"</span>

(i forget who said it, maybe Tony- , but he was referring to Tracee, Ralphie's doomed girlfriend).

Then in a later scene, they show Tracee at home with Ralph, getting up from the couch, and as she walks past him, the camera shoots the scene with the angle and dimensions just like you'd see when a tall-legged racehorse passes by a man. The shot was all legs, lean like a wellbred horse, and striding with the perfect gait. Then Ralph reaches out and pats them like he was patting the flanks of a horse. And we all know just how much regard Ralphie turns out to have for horses or women...


Re: Your favorite quotes from any episode prior to Season 6

<blockquote>Quote:<hr>"She's a real thoroughbred"<hr></blockquote>

Ahhh! I loved that whole series of episodes revolving around Tracey and Py-Oh-My (sp?). There were so many fabulous metaphors concerning Tracey and that beautiful filly.

I have had many enjoyable day dreams about petting both Py and Tracey. I think I best leave it at that.

Three of my favorite seasons concern the rise and fall of three fabulous actors. The actors who played Ritchie Aprile, Ralphie and Tony Blundetto.

If only the remaining 8 episodes could center around a new character played by Joe Pesci or maybe Robert De Niro?

When I was 12, I was one of the winners in a contest held by The Montreal Gazette (Montreal's morning newspaper). Six paper boys won a week-long trip to the Calgary Stampede. We stayed at a dude ranch for a few days where I met a beautiful mare (she was pure white) and I had the pleasure of her company for a few days. I fed her a few apples each morning and a few carrots each night. I patted and kissed her soft muzzle (correct word?) and very, very lightly scratched her nose. She seemed to like it. She was one of my most favorite girlfriends ever. She was so magnificent, so statuesque, so beautiful. Sometimes, I can still hear her whinny and snort and when I do, I feel some tears in my eyes.

Ahhh ... to dream .... perchance to feel. Umm ... how does that go?

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Re: Your favorite quotes from any episode prior to Season 6

<span style="color:navy;font-family:century gothic;font-size:small;">Does anyone remember the scene with Tony and Dr. Melfi when Tony was describing the dream that had Ralphie (with a caterpillar coming out of his head), Carmela at the wheel, and one of his goomars was sitting next to him. After Melfi was analyzing the dream Tony went into a rant and started using all these different words that made me laugh so hard. I need to pull out that episode so I can watch it and get the quote.



Re: Your favorite quotes from any episode prior to Season 6

We need to find a site that lists the plot line of each episode. I'm sure there must be one. Maybe that HBO site.

But we need to be able to pull all that info off the site (from different web pages) and create a single text document where it is all handy and in a text format so that we can search it.

I think I may have found such a thing. But it will take some time to convert it all to text format. I will snoop around and see if someone has already done this. I'm guessing that someone probably already has done this.

But the way my life works is that, I'll search for a while and then, when I get tired of searching, I'll hunker down (or bunker down) and do it myself. Then I'll come back here to post the details as to where you all may find it and one of two things will happen. Either someone will have posted a link to a place where it has already been done. Or ... someone will have already done it. Oh well, I suppose there is jest no way to beat my personal karma. So, here goes:

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Re: Your favorite quotes from any episode prior to Season 6

<span style="color:navy;font-family:century gothic;font-size:small;">The episode was Calling All Cars and the scene with Melfi and Tony was spectacular. Here are some of my favorite quotes from that scene:

Melfi: The meaning is elicited through verbalization (Tony asked Melfi what his dream meant)

Tony: And the gehoxtahagen is uh framed up by the ramistan.

Tony: You know, maybe I otta quite this therapy.
Maybe it's this, maybe it's that, maybe it's a fungule!

Melfi: I think you've been glossing over the significant accomplishments we've made in here.

Tony: Oh, my mother would come when she looked at a pot roast. Oh, you're second in the birth order. Oh, Carmela is driving the car, how fucking interesting.

Priceless scene! </span>


Re: Your favorite quotes from any episode prior to Season 6

I have created a text document that contains the titles and plot summaries of all 77 episodes. It is 233K and contains about 3,000 lines of text. It's great for searching using a word processor or text editor.

I have put the file up on a web site. You can download it by going to the following site and then clicking on the link to the Text File.

I hope you enjoy it. FYI, Tripod is a site that is similar to myspace. It lets you create a web site for free and put some text files or pictures on it. It allows a bunch of other stuff as well. There are several other places that let you do this (like Yahoo), but I find Tripod to have the most liberal policies. E.G. other places won't allow people to download EXE files or ZIP files from the website.

P.S. If anyone is interested in improving this resource - possibly with the idea of building a data base, it would be great to be able to add a list of all the actors that appeared in each episode as well as the name of the character they played. This would sure make it a lot easier to search back episodes for either actors, characters or words or phrases from the plot summaries.

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Re: Your favorite quotes from any episode prior to Season 6

Before the last eight, I intend to re-watch all 77 episodes. So far this weekend I've seen the first 5 of Season #1.

The best quote was from S01:E05 "College." Carmela says to Fr. Intintola, referring to the famous Bogey line from Casablanca about the all the gin joints, in all the world. She says: "Of all the 'finook' priests in the world, why did I have to get the one who's straight?"

Diapers & Politicians both need to be changed,
and for the same reason!</p>

Re: Your favorite quotes from any episode prior to Season 6

I wish I could remember the episode or even the character or situation, but Tony and his boys were facing someone down and the guy was going off about the Romans. The guy says something like, "The Romans thought they were so great but where are the Romans today?" And Tony just says, "You're lookin' at 'em." (And then they beat the guy up or kill him.) Despite forgetting the details, that quote stays with me.

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