Re: Most Annoying Character Overall

The most annoying character for me definitely AJ. And eventually Artie Bucco.
But it's AJ first and foremost. He was not bad when he was younger and chubby, but after he arrived in his teen/adult years, all he did was whine, bitch, and cause uneeded stress for his parents.
Poor Carmela. AJ gave so much crap to her. She does EVERYTHING for him (cook, clean, care, etc) and all he does is push her away, bitch at her, and disappoint her. He fails school. He fails college. He disrespects his mother and father. He doesn't know what he wants to do with life and leeches off his parents while constantly snapping at them. He is spoiled and selfish.
Hate that character. I feel Tony, I GET how he feels when he tells Dr. Melfi that he's ashamed that his son turned out like this. Even Tony sees that AJ is a spoiled hopeless brat.
'It's an idea, I don't know. Who knows where it fucking came from? Isaac Newton invented gravity because some asshole hit him with an apple." -Chrissy

Re: Most Annoying Character Overall

ELLIOT, god how I fucking hated him, I was praying for someone to shoot him so I wouldn't have to listen to any of his bullshit anymore.

I didn't like Father Phil either, IMO he was just an incredibly boring and pointless character that didn't really add anything to the series, that whole subplot with him and Carmella in "College" was just plain dumb and felt like a huge waste of time.

Noticed a lot of dislike for Meadow and A.J., the latter I can understand as he did kind of get on my nerves at times in later seasons, though I did still find him somewhat interesting.

Always liked Meadow though, yeah she's kind of a brat at times, but still pretty likeable IMO.

Re: Most Annoying Character Overall

Another annoying character I totally forgot about, and the worst one yet. Pastor Bob in season 6, he's one of those arrogant asshole religious nutjobs that believes birth control is a sin and that all science is evil and other bullshit like that. I have nothing against religious people, but I hate arrogant dickheads that insist on judging people they don't like as sinners and ignoring any kind of science(and probably also believe that global warming is a myth like all those tea partiers:icon_rolleyes: ). God I wanted one of Tony's crew to beat the shit out of him every time he opened his big fat mouth!:icon_twisted:

Re: Most Annoying Character Overall

Sure there were characters who were "annoying," but what does that even mean, other than subjectively? Jeno/Gino/Proto-Vito was annoying to Chrissy when he was hassling the bakery malaka, and Tracy/proto-Pie-O-My was a huge annoyance for Tony. In the spirit of the thread, Janice of course was the Queen of Annoyances, Large and Small, but what a coup for us the day Chase conceived of her.

Re: Most Annoying Character Overall

Two types of annoying

1 - Annoying and supposed to annoy the viewer with their actions: Janice as the main character for all of her personality issues ("I'm sure most of you will probably remember I have an extraordinary visual sense, but my mother didn't let me rest on those laurels") that typifies why the character of Janice is just annoying.

Peripheral annoying and supposed to be annoying character - Carm's mom. The whole scene at Hughe's 75th birthday comes to mind.

2. Annoying by accident or because the actor just rubs us the wrong way: Hunter and Noah toss-up

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