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I've noticed that in the last 2 - 3 episodes that Carmela wears almost "Designer" clothes, especially tops (blouses, jackets) at home! As I recall (and I'm not really that clothes conscious), she used to be very casually dressed at.....the house. One of those tops last nite, a patterned long-sleeve blouse (I think) really caught my eye. And there was that really cute tan pant suit when she burst in on Tony and AJ. Many others.

Of course, this probably means nothing in the story line, but....maybe she's spending some of that spec house money ? Or maybe Edie Falco mean to "bow out" looking as good as possible. :icon_cool:

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I think she's a business woman now.

Listen carefully when she calls Tony at the bing. She says "I'm suppose to meet the realitor to see a new property..." Is she on spec house #2?

Maybe this has to do with buying new clothes.

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I hadn't really noticed that Carm is dressing up more than usual at home, as she's always worn what I consider "dressy" knock around attire. But then anything besides sweat pants and a T shirt is dressy to me.:icon_biggrin: To the extent that she is dressing up more, billyp's explanation makes a lot of sense.

Others have noted that Carm has been clad in orange at least once in every episode this season. If not a coincidence, the implication is that this is yet another homage to the Godfather's use of oranges as a symbol right before a major hit.
Tony, his spirits crushed after b-lining to the fridge first thing in the morning: "Who ate the last piece of cake?"

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billyp wrote:I think she's a business woman now.

Listen carefully when she calls Tony at the bing. She says "I'm suppose to meet the realitor to see a new property..." Is she on spec house #2?

Maybe this has to do with buying new clothes.
Yes, I remember that call, billyp, and it does answer for that occasion. Spec house #2? She'd better hurry before Tony takes out "his half" ( maybe more) and beelines to Las Vegas.

You know, I wonder if Chase (or a wardrobe manager?) has any say over what the actors wear.

And hasn't that white robe become a symbol of the show, or at least the leitmotif Tony? :icon_cool:

I'll bet they give the women - especially - some leeway to dress the way they might feel might be the most flattering to them.

[I agree; enough on this topic!]

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Chase has a wardrobe person for sure.

I remember on HBO's site a few years back there was a special feature on it and it mentioned some boutique type place where most of Carms clothing came from and the orders at this place skyrocketed. It was a whole section on sopranos and their clothes. It was pretty interesting at the time....

They also said they get a lot of tracksuits obviously like Puma. I always see those guys wear puma stuff which is my fav anyway. I love Christophers clothes the best out of the guys and Adrianna used to wear a lot of high end designers like Versace, etc. Remember that tiger striped kind of cat suit she wore a few seasons back at the crazy horse.........that was a Versace if I remember correctly.

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I'm not sure about the timing of your post, but in the season finale to season 6A, she wore this beautiful top. It was kind of beige and had 2 or 3 horizontal gold lightning bolts (sort of) going all around the top.

I was amazed how a simple top could make her look so much more appealing than usual. For those of you who are interested, that is the episode where AJ brought Blanca over to the house for the first time and she told Carmella, "You have a lovely home", and Carmella answered, "Yes. We do". I don't think Carm was trying to be smart or anything. She just didn't know what else to say and she was feeling very happy to have so many people over and she just agreed with Blanca at that moment - the home was very lovely.

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There was a short on HBO before season 6 where they showed backstage "the making of the Sopranos". Among the areas they showed was the wardrobe truck where they showed all of the outfits for the characters and discussed how meticulous the show was about dressing characters for specific scenes. It even showed the selection of jewelry and accessories that were scripted for every scene.

Their attention to detail is what sets them apart. Nothing in the Sopranos is an accident or the actors decision - all the way from the suit that Tony wears to console Hesh to the fingernail polish used by Blanca.

Just kidding, but you sound like Larry Boy's wife at the Cleaver premier - "Did you know that everything the actors say is already written for them?" :icon_mrgreen:

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OK. If what you say is true, then how do you explain Tony's white bathrobe? Who would be responsible and - much more importantly - why would they make such a choice?

The women all seem to have a decent fashion sense. So, why would they make the men appear to have the fashion sense of Dumb and Dumber?
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