Tony in Bed

We keep seeing Tony waking up in bed. The past few episodes showed the start of a scene that way. Last night it was two, at least three times. It's like, "Oh no, what's next"....Carmella's screechy voice woke him up a few times.

I am reminded of Finnerty waking up in the hotel room. He's alone in bed. Tony is alone. I also keep thinking of the monk, "...and so it continues...."

Tony is numb/unconscious/depressed. The gambling last week was to wake himself up with a rush. This was his advice to AJ too. To wake him up from his depression.

Symbolically, Melfi, Carmella, the monk are trying to get Tony to wake the reality of who is is, to take responsibility, and to change. I even think Chris was trying to wake him up to the reality of Dicky M. as well as the reality of his own disease.

I just think it's very symbollic, that Tony is more in a coma now then when he was in the physical coma. He has to come out of it before he goes home (dies).

Re: Tony in Bed

Three of the five episodes this season open with Tony in bed waking up. (this includes dismissing the flashback gun sequence from the end of season 5 in "Soprano Home Movies"). In addition, many other scenes show him in bed or trying to get some additional sleep. Obviously, the idea of Tony waking up is important this season.

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Nice observations, gistenhose. I did notice, especially after last night, that Tony is seen coming awake quite a lot this year. Your interpretation makes a lot of sense.
Tony, his spirits crushed after b-lining to the fridge first thing in the morning: "Who ate the last piece of cake?"

Re: Tony in Bed

Usually, when I see Tony in bed, I dread what is about to come next.

Have you ever heard the term "mouth-breather" as used to describe a hoodlum or a goon? It seemed to me that's what it meant. But I've found that when searching Google, the original meaning:

The original definition of mouth-breather referred to a person that, due to medical problems (usually with the sinuses or nose), was forced to breath via the mouth. This leaves the jaw hanging open at most times, which has a tendency to make a person look dopey or spacey. ... _breather/

Other uses include things like:

Any human being that breathes in and out through their mouths, often engaging in idiotic and useless activity. An affinity for sexually crude humour generally accompanies. ... h-breather

Anyway, whenever the story is about Tony and especially around the times we see him in bed, this extremely annoying breathing sound is played. Do you know anyone who breathes loudly like this? It gets to be extremely irritating and you often just wish you could tell them to stop breathings.

In any case, it always seemed to me that describing Tony as a "real mouth-breather" would be very appropriate - although I'm not so sure now. But given that the show is coming to the end, maybe it might end with Tony going in to an ENT specialist and dying on the operating table?

Anything to correct that annoying sound.

Re: Tony in Bed

I think the main point is the depression. The second time we got him in bed, in these episodes, the image was a clear reminiscent of the image of him from the pilot.
Along came the eyeing of the sculpture at Melfi's office. Nothing has changed. Tony has too much to keep in himself. And he knowledge that he just can't tell it to Melfi, only makes it worse, whether he is aware of it or not.
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