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Re: Episode Grades, Review, and General Comments: 'Walk Like

My rating = 9. This episode had everything going for it: Tony and the Arabs (looking for the future goodwill in sentencing), Chris and Paulie with yet another beef, Pualie driving like a crazy man all over Chris' yard, Chris looking like he'll crack sooner rather than later, AJ getting his feet wet in crime, and the demise of poor JT Dolan. Didn't JT learn never to let the AA mobster into his apartment...nothing good ever comes of it. :icon_wink:

Re: Episode Grades, Review, and General Comments: 'Walk Like

I know I always need the second viewing to make a real post. But I am still buzzing over the episode! This was "edge of my seat" tension, and comedy. One minute my eyes were wide dealing with shock, next doubled over laughing. I won't even get into the psychological writing yet. Three cheers for Terrance Winter!
I didn’t want to show crime pays, I didn’t want to show crime doesn’t pay...David Chase on the ending

Re: Episode Grades, Review, and General Comments: 'Walk Like

I voted 8 for this episode...I loved this episode. Cris and Paulie was/is always entertaining..(paulie on the fukn funny)..

JT Dolan was funny too. Feds will be all over Cris for this..they have to together? AA?

I was surprise about Tony's reaction to Pattsy talking about his sons involment in gambling...I thought Tony would be more aprehensive about involving his associates sons...But a fat envelope changes things i guess.

Very interesting with the Arabs....not sure what the significants of that whole exchange..I look forward to others thoughts on that.

I really feel that something tragic is going happen after watching this episode..this episode was sopranos at its best ...the comedy, the surprises!!

Chase is going to surprise/shock us the rest of the way! I sense great tragedy and a great grand finally!

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