Re: Favorite Quotes from 'Walk Like a Man'

Chrissy to Paulie and all of the gang.

"You have a kid, they look at you, you look back and you're looking at yourself..."

Right after AJ has found a reason to be excited about life while holding a kid down as chemicals are poured on his foot, in order to get him to pay a debt to the next generation of mafia.

Patsy Parisi, Carlo and Tony are viewed in the background, right behind Chrissy. Patsy, dressed in white, looks like a ghost in the scene. Maybe the ghost of his murdered twin?

Their kids are carrying on their lifestyle as Chris is presented with the image of his daughter working at the Bing, and all of the implications that go with that.

The look on AJ's face when he is holding kid down while acid was being poured on the kid's foot reminded me of the look on Tony's face when he was strangling the guy during Meadow's college tour.

Re: Favorite Quotes from 'Walk Like a Man'

Sorry it's been a while since I posted anything, I'm going through a tough break-up. Anyways, don't think I saw this one posted:

Christopher: "Do you realize Caitlin will be graduating college by the year 2027?"

Paulie: "If she takes after you, she'll still be in the fourth grade"

Paulie: But by then, she'll be working here (Bada Bing) so it doesn't really matter"

Paulie was on fire in that sequence!
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