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HagensBing1977 wrote:All due respect, De'c'unt, but an extended therapy session would be anticlimactic and a letdown to all the viewers. Tony has ventured too far from Kevin Finnerty already and not even Melfi can set him straight.
No surprise to you I'm sure, HB, but I disagree. The gambling, the reflection on his first whacking, the "[murder] is a big fat pain in the balls" comment, the jealous sabotage of Bobby by soiling HIM in the same way that Tony feels irrevocably soiled by his own father, the more urgent lack of inner peace, the sudden desire to whack Paulie in an episode dominated by paternal nostalgia and where we learn he once wished Paulie was his father, these are all signs that Tony is coming ever closer to finally seeing Johnny Boy for the rotten father he in many ways was. And that doesn't indicate Finnerty going farther away but coming ever closer to breaking through the most stubborn frontier of Tony's self-justification and deception.

The epitome of anticlimax to me would be to waste 7 seasons of buildup to Tony confronting his real demons -- the internal ones -- in favor of him battling it out with NY or being double crossed by some Muslim terrorists. All the other can play a role, but it will feel incredibly empty if it's not ancillary to Tony's arrival at a different place, a consciously-acknowledged different view of the life he's led. I really want Melfi to be a catalyst for that as a reward for her years of patience and faith. But her involvement is less important to me than Tony actually reaching that destination.
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And while it has the potential to be anticlimactic, I think we all know Chase has never shied away from doing the unexpected (and perhaps undesired.) I guess my thought on the scenes with Melfi are due to the fact that the series started off with him in her office, and it seems only fitting for it to end in the same way.

But for the Muslims - how do we know they were re-connecting with faith? Could it be that these leaders the two Muslims were speaking to (and I'll admit, the did look clerical) might actually be running a bit of a protection scam themselves? If you look at the way some of the fundamentalist Muslim groups around the world operate, it is in this very same capacity. Not to get into a political discussion, but I thought about this very thing when reading about the Taliban protecting poppy growers in Afghanistan. Sounded very much like the mafia to me.

Considering these two were already working the black market, it seems natural that they might gravitate towards their own kind, especially since it seems Tony is getting weaker as boss and the neighborhood is certainly changing as witnessed in previous episodes.
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Re: Lets talk about the Muslims

The thing I noticed about the Muslims was the placement of people. Was it just me, or did there appear to be an armed guard about half a block down the street from the entrance. It's the last guy that you see. That may not be a gun protruding, but the way he is standing there looks like a sentry, watching to see who is coming and going.

Re: Lets talk about the Muslims

HagensBing1977 wrote:The "Made in America" theme to this last stretch makes me think that the Muslims will play a major part in the outcome.
Yes! As soon as I saw the muslims in this episode I thought back to Phil talking about his family name being changed.
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