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badabing420 wrote:I was under the impression that Bobby was already a 'made guy' because he was at Christopher and Eugene's ceremony in Season 3.
First off, that is one great name.

I thought Bobby was made all along, from the first time that we saw him become Junior's go-between/gopher/apprentice. His dad (Burt Young aka Paulie from the Rocky Balboa series-great character) was admired by Tony who reffer-ed him as "the terminator" due to the fact that he whacked that many guys, and so I assumed that he'd been in the wise-guy business from the start.

In any case, it was a fast-rise to power for Bobby. Of course, the marriage was a good career move in retrospect. Seems like him and Christopher had the fastest rises to power in the Soprano family. Especially when we consider that guys like Feech, Murf, Johnny-Boy, and Richie spent many decades working for the family and never made it that far up the food chain (corporate ladder).

Re: Official current Sopranos family pecking order?

That's true you are right badabing420, Bobby Bacala was at Christopher and Eugene Ponticorvo's making ceromony. (By the way, why wasn't Ralph there?) So I guess he was a made guy, I didn't realize it. So I don't know what the bump up he got from Junior was in Season 4. I know he didn't get captain, because of what Janice said later to Tony about Bobby should have been made captain when they got married. Can anyone clear this up now, what "bump" Bobby got in Season 4?

Re: Official current Sopranos family pecking order?

I always looked at it as more of an unofficial bump for Bobby from Junior. After Junior realized Murf (or was it Beppy?) was not in the state of mind to be of any help to him, he bumped Bobby to a pseudo-Captain/Lieutenant position which probably allowed Bobby to earn more, but not giving him a crew to lead up.

So he's not technically a Captain who has his own crew, he is (was until Junior shot Tony?) a little higher on the totem pole than your standard made man. Assuredly nowhere near as well off as he'd be if he had an entire crew kicking up to him though.

The Soprano crew is definitley disorganized right now, not much better off then the NY family, which is shaping itself up now that Phil has grabbed the reigns with iron fists and black eyebrows.
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Re: Official current Sopranos family pecking order?

I have always wondered why Bobby was at Chris making ceremoney.Just to drive Junior....he wan`t there.I dont know the protocol but I would say he was a captain then, but a few years (6a)later Janice is on Tony about Bobby, not being a captain at his age and that they picked on him cause of his weight and toy train hobby.From the snipets i saw of this episode Bobby has stepped ahead of Chris.Kind of a confusing issue.But I don`t think Tony would have talked to Bobby the way he did in the boat in "Home Movies":icon_eek:
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Bobby was made acting Capo of Junior's crew in season 4, just as Christopher was made acting Capo of Paulie's crew (formerly Tony's) in season 4. As long as the actual Capo is still alive, anyone else in the position is considered "acting". Look at the Barese crew, Larry was arrested and imprisoned at the end of season 1 and didn't get out until the end of season 5. All that time, Albert was always referred to as "acting".

I believe Paulie was made Underboss between seasons 5 and 6A (Tony went without an Underboss every since Beppy Sasso was arrested, he was grooming Christopher to take the spot, but we've seen how that turned out) and then was removed during season 6 because of his constant fucking up. After "Soprano Home Movies" in 6B, Tony gave the Underboss position to Bobby, considering him trustworthy after he performed his first murder.

By "Chasing It" the pecking order is:

Boss: Tony Soprano
Consigliere: Silvio Dante
Underboss: Bobby Baccala

Gaultieri (formerly Johnny/Tony Soprano) Capo: Paulie Gaultieri
Barese Capo: Larry Barese (incarcerated) Albert Barese (acting)
Gervasi (Cifaretto (formerly Aprile) + Gervasi (formerly Altieri)) Capo: Carlo Gervasi
Soprano (Junior) Capo: None, probably defunct crew
Curto Capo: None, probably defunct crew

This is why Christopher is a Capo in 6A, but by the time 6B rolls around, he's back to being just a soldier. Paulie was bumped up, along with Christopher, then both bumped back down.
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Re: Official current Sopranos family pecking order?

Also, Tony remained Acting Boss until sometime between seasons 5 and 6A when it was realized just how far gone Junior was. I'm assuming that's why an Underboss was never declared until Tony had no choice but to become the official Boss. Naming someone Underboss before that time would be an admission to the government that Tony was in fact in charge of the family and Junior had no power at all, so for the feds, they made it look like Junior was still pulling all the strings while Tony was the Underboss.

I've never typed "boss" so many times...
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