Is Blanca Pregnant?

I'm not sure if this has been discussed but after viewing Remember When and Chasing It, there seem to be alot of things that would support Blanca being pregnant. In Remember When she is all of a sudden moody and the things she is moody about also support this: "I'm going to the bathroom, alright!" "I'm starving". I at first thought this was just to show she is getting sick of AJ, but then Chasing It had a scene where Meadow is talking about someone who is pregnant and it shows Blanca looking concerned. Then she leaves AJ after he proposes. "He's a good kid, but you need a man."

Is this just another red haring from Chase or is this something that is going to bite AJ in the ass?

Re: Is Blanca Pregnant?

I don't think she is pregnant. I chalk the mood swings up to Blanca being dissatisified with the relationship and nothing more. When the waiter brought Blanca dessert she told AJ she was trying to watch her weight. This is quite the opposite of her saying she was "starving" at the Cleaver premiere.

Why did Blanca leave AJ

i have been wondering about that

One of the things that it might be was she saw what she was getting in to

Also What was that look on her face when everyone was congratulating Carmella on the house she sold?

Did she have someone else?

When she dumped him at the latin day Parade why was her brother with her
Was that for protection?

Re: Is Blanca Pregnant?

One of the things I never qute got with the whole Blanca thing was why she was with AJ.

When they first met, he introduced himself, and she said she knew who he was. she also clearly knew who his father was, given the way she knew who Paulie was etc.

Not too much later, she was dropping serious hints about him going outside to 'kick their ass', when some guys were hanging on her street corner.

I got the feeling that she wanted the 'Carmella' lifestyle, and thought that she would get it with AJ.

The look of dissatisfaction when told about the Spec House indicated to me that that was not only the kind of house she wanted, but the house she wanted.

The pregnancy theory does fit in here, as it would create a great dichotomy (hard working financial advisor gets his girlfriend pregnant, and buys a million dollar mansion/sponging son of local Don gets his girlfriend pregnant and gets nothing).

I got the feeling that once she realised AJ wasn't the 'man' his father is/was, that she wasn't interested.

However, she did feel the need to have some protection when breaking up with him. Whilst AJ was no threat, you can guarantee that if Tony thought whacking someone would have cheered him up, he'd have arranged it.
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