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I agree with Pork Store and jouster. I don't think Phil is gay, (they are not going to repeat a storyline like that again this soon after Vito, it just wouldn't be original.) I do however think that it is one of those wink-wink things between the writers and viewers that Phil took part in some homo-sexual activity while in prison for 20 years. I don't think it will be anything ever mentioned directly in an episode or anything, it's just one of those things that is implied. Tony's refrence to Melfi about guys who spend a lot of time in the can get a pass, Phil "coming out of the closet" in the hotel room during Vito's hit, his blatant homophobia and general disgust of Vito. A lot of characters had a problem with Vito after they found out, but nobody got as worked up as Phil.

Re: Latent Homosexual

Whether Phil is being depicted as a latent homosexual, or just someone who played sexual baseball in prison, is certainly up for debate. I think I would lean toward the latter in that arguement if I had to pick.

I also agree that no way Chase will highlight this aspect of Phil's character any more than he has. That plotline has run its course, and things like the Nancy Sinatra comment are just tongue-in-cheek references.

However, if it comes out that Phil killed so he could enjoy Johnnycakes all to himself....must see TV!

PS - Anyone else chuckle when Phil said "no eating in the car" to Vito Jr. I immediatley thought of Papa Spatafore at the construction site, but I have a divergent mind.
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