Re: Executioner’s Song

MangiaCazzo wrote:Interesting how you don't admonish a non-American citizen's America bashing in his intitial post but you'll criticize my use of the word "nonsense." What the hell is that all about? What country am I living in?
If this were about who first brought "America" into this discussion, that was you, as the part of Avellino's original post which so offended you was about modern notions of personal responsibility and masculinity versus earlier/traditional notions of same. America was not mentioned nor implicitly differentiated from any other modern society in that regard.

But it's not about any of that. At present, it is about you persisting in a course of posting that you and Avellino have been expressly asked to abandon . . . TWICE.

As for what country you're in, I presume America, where people like myself are free to establish and pay for message boards that impose whatever rules of discourse they like. If you can't see that I've tried to be as fair as possible in stopping this thread from degenerating into exactly what it's become, that's too bad.

I set this place up to have an attractive, mutually respectul environment in which to discuss the Sopranos, one where personal provocations, dismissive insults, and the inevitable escalations resulting therefrom are kept strictly in check. I didn't set it up to have to spend my time doing crap like I'm doing now. So I will warn all concerned that I don't owe any poster any "due process", first amendment rights, 2nd chances, or anything else. Try my patience once too often, and I won't hesitate to ban you from the forum, no questions asked.

I'm now closing this thread and will ask for the final time that the rancor contained in it remained quarrantined.
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