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Re: Episode Review and General Comments: 'Chasing It'

I agree with Fly, especially after the coma. At this point in their relationship, Carmela just seems so much more mature than Tony does. Especially after her trip to Paris - Carmela's on a completely different (read: higher) emotional level than Tony. Half the time it seems like she's just putting up with his bullshit, waiting for him to grow up. And it's not like Tony's a cautious, deliberate spender himself. We all know how Tony eats. He only brings up Carmela's "self-indulgences" when he gets defensive in arguments and wants to throw something ice-cold in her face. Any other time he's enabling her spending and expensive tastes.

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Splishak wrote:I'm not so sure about that. If Tony and his crew make book for people in their neighborhoods, then they are connected into the world of gambling. What would that do for their future relations with other bookies if they just stiff one of them? I don't see that as a problem-free solution for Tony.

Fair enough. Stiffing the bookie does dry up his action, and he obviously wanted to continue betting.
Splishak wrote:It accomplished a few things for me. First and foremost, most everything about LV felt very powerful (and thus very entertaining) to me. By the way, no one has yet mentioned the connection between his father dying an his toppling the statue of the dead man saying something like, "Goodbye old dude!"

But it also showed some differences between Phil and Tony. Neither of them did a great job with the kid, but Phil was a complete zero. Two moments stood out for me in those conversations. When he was talking with Phil & Tony, he twice asked them point blank things like, "What's it got to do with me? or What am I supposed to do about it?" My sense was that if neither of them could answer him, he just wasn't interested in hearing anything else they had to say. And, after all, why should he?

In a way, the kid was right about his father's behavior not being his fault nor his responsibility. This connects with many other sub-plots in the show, you know, "the sins of the father being visited on the son". But more than that, it's about how the two men differed in their response. We know the kid has a point. How can he "fix" things about his father? But Phil just chose to mouth some stupid cliche, while Tony took a second to think about it and, I think he realized the kid was partly right and it also must have hit him on some subconscious level re his own father. Finally, Phil let the kid know exactly how much he meant to Phil when he told him, "there's no eating in my car". The fucker may have felt the kid was of little importance to him compared to his car. But it was very stupid for him to let the kid see that. What do you think the kid takes away from that?

In summary, we see that Tony is just plain smarter than Phil and has a greater emotional depth. If and when a final conflict comes between Phil and Tony, I think we know who will win.

If there is only one thing I want before the show ends, I want to see Phil get his. And by "get his", I don't just mean I want to see him killed. I do want that. But I want so much more from Phil.
The juxtoposition of Phil and Tony was an interesting part of the Vito Jr. story, but I wish it was done without establishing a whole new character at this stage in the show. Also, having Tony have a legitimate reason to beef with Phil could have come from anywhere, and this one did not live up to my expectations of the show.

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HagensBing1977 wrote:I took this bit of communication between Bobby and Chris to represent the friction that is starting to develop between the two. Of course, Bobby knows that it was Chris was supposed to be the buffer until the animosity started to occur. It seems plausible that Bobby sees Chris as a rival for prestige, earning possibilities, and friendship in regards to the relationship w/ Tony
This is exactly how I saw it. Bobby is in good standing with T, so he chose not to join Chrissy in criticizing Tony's actions.

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I'm glad someone explained this, I had no idea what was going on between Chris and Bobby.

I must admit I am looking forward to things coming to a head between Tony and Chris. There was another hint of there recent problems at Phil's confirmation as boss signified by Tony's disapproving glance towards Chris.

Also, we see both Christopher and Paulie kiss Tony's ass when they are discussing Vito's family over a meal in Vesuvio. After Tony stresses that he will help the family -->

Chris: "This is good of you Tone"
Paulie: "I'll always remember it"

Then Bobby shoots them both icy glances. Things seem to be heating up in terms of competition to get in Tony's good books as they are all realising that there is a very fine line between life and death. This was stressed in "Soprano Home Movies" with Bobby, "Stage 5" with Chris and "Remember When" with Paulie. You could even include "Chasing It" which highlights Tony's frictitious relationships with Hesh and Carlo.

I am particularly interested by the next episodes description in relation to these developments but I will say nothing more in this thread.

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FlyOnMelfisWall wrote: Viewed in this light, every bit of the profits from that house belonged to her, not Tony.

...But, to use Wegler's description, she used the only bargaining tool she had to try to provide for her future: her pussy.:icon_wink:

If you think about it, Carm did more work to earn the money on the spec house than Tony and the crew do to earn their money. Unless, of course, you call gambling, extortion, and ripping off small-time crooks hard work. :icon_wink:

Fly's reasoning is spot on when she says that Carm had to use her pussy to get what she needed. Devalued women are almost always reduced to doing that. Unfortunately, some of them find it can get them whatever they want, but the payoff is never what they hope for. Just look at how Tony treated Carm when she claimed it was "her" money.

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haironmelfistwat wrote:If you think about it, Carm did more work to earn the money on the spec house than Tony and the crew do to earn their money. Unless, of course, you call gambling, extortion, and ripping off small-time crooks hard work. :icon_wink:

Fly's reasoning is spot on when she says that Carm had to use her pussy to get what she needed. Devalued women are almost always reduced to doing that. Unfortunately, some of them find it can get them whatever they want, but the payoff is never what they hope for. Just look at how Tony treated Carm when she claimed it was "her" money.
wow! nice name!

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FlyOnMelfisWall wrote:So he did the worst possible thing he could do the next day: he sent her money via AJ, the same stuff he was holding onto with both fists during the entirety of their separation up to that point.

I obviously know very little about women. I would have never guessed that would have been so clearly a terrible thing to do. I will accept your word on it and bow to your superior understanding of the female mind. I'm just shocked that something that seems so obscure to me would be so clear to women.

No wonder the divorce rate is over 50 per cent. I don't see how there can be any hope for men to understand women - and probably vice versa.

I also have to admit that I was probably wrong about my perception that her father was in a lot of physical danger from his role. I guess I did get carried away a little with my anger towards Carmella.

Thanks very much for sharing your perspective, Fly. It made a few things a lot clearer to me.

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Upon further review, and perhaps this has been obvious to everyone else, but what this episode accomplished was to gradually tighten the vise on Tony (gambling problem, money woes, trouble with Phil) at the same time they removed the supportive emotional pillars in his life.

Where has Tony always turned for advice, support, an objective view? Hesh and Dr. Melfi. It's obvious that the relationship with Hesh has soured, and Dr. Melfi basically tells Tony to get with the program or get the hell out.

And, finally, the one member of the crew who would, on occasion, tell him the truth -- Sylvio -- has become a toadying yes-man, basically encouraging his descent.

Re: the title. I think what Tony is chasing after is help. And he ain't getting it. (Or can't accept it.)

Re: Episode Review and General Comments: 'Chasing It'

This season so far can be summed up in one word: Paranoia.

I don't know how I feel about this episode. I rated it a 5 out of 10, an average episode. I have a feeling this is too low of a rating, but I put this series up on a pedastal, so I wasn't that impressed. It could be one of those episodes that grows on me after repeated viewing as well as looking back at how it fits in within the context of the season. On the surface here are my thoughts on this week's storylines:

I thought they spent too much time on Tony's growing gambling addiction. It had already became obvious that Tony's gambling was becoming an issue, I didn't feel they needed to devote that much of the episode to it. In perticular the stuff with Tony and Hesh. It was interesting seeing Hesh take shots at Tony behind his back, something we have never seen before. It always seemed they had a great relationship it looks like there are some ill feelings there. I think they spent too much time developing the growing bad blood with these two for nothing to come of it. We went through last week with the drama of what Tony would do with Paulie, it seems like they tried to re-create a similar thing this week with Tony and Hesh.

It is obvious to me that the whole Vito Jr. story was a way to create a new conflict between Tony and Phil to build on that Phil is offically the "big boss man." Tony's comment that he will never forget that he had to pay for handling the situation instead of Phil, a relative and the one responsible for Vito's death. Phil's lack of interest when talking to Little V at the ice cream shop just shows what a prick he is, no guilt at all for what he did to Vito. I just feel with only 5 episodes left it is time to build up the heat between Tony and Phil, if that is infact the endgame here. I don't neccesarily mean major clippings either, just advance the story a little bit more, that's all.

I did however think the Tony/Carmella showdown was very well done. I had just finished watching their powerful scenes from "WhiteCaps" in season 4 and although not as strong (it wasn't meant to be though) it was their first major conflict in a long time. Those two work so well together and judging by some of the hurtful comments made by Tony it could lead to some major life decision by Carmella down the line that all this is not really worth it.

The AJ/Blanca story ending looks like AJ could end up heading down the wrong road, maybe similar to the one he was heading down last year after Tony was shot. It is assumed that she is the reason he cleaned up his act and became more serious and grown up. Now that she has broke his heart he could be worse off than before. I don't know where this will go, I don't see him getting involved in The Family, Tony wouldn't allow it and no one close to Tony is stupid enough to help him in. This would also too closely resemble the Jackie Jr. story from season 3. It looks like deppression and/or getting in trouble with drugs could be more likely.

Which brings me back to the opening, that the season can be summed up by Paranoia. This week it was Hesh, worried what Tony would do to him to get out of paying him back. The first episode was about Tony's worry of getting older as well as the fear in Bobby's face as he took that car trip with Tony the day after their fight as well as Janice. The second episode was about Tony's paranoia that Christopher hated him after Carmella put it in his head after the Cleaver premier, as well as Christopher's fear that Tony thought that. Last week was about Paulie's paranoia what Tony might do to him after their boat trip. It seems like all this is not by coincidence, but my question is where is this all heading it remains very unclear. After all the previous paranoid moments between Tony and those close to him, it gets dropped right after the episode is over and not implied again. Judging by this week you wouldn't even notice the possible bad feelings between Tony and Bobby, Christopher, Paulie. I guess it is being done to show everyone's insecurities as we head down the strech.
Just my thoughts

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