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Re: Episode Review and General Comments: 'Chasing It'

Wow! What an episode. My emotional self feels like somebody gave me a body blow with a sledgehammer. Just about every second was just riveting with top-notch entertainment.

But there was one small segment I didn't like. It was about Nancy Sinatra.

I have a list of evil nasty things that I want to say about her, but I know that would go against the spirit of this forum.

So I'll just say that in my opinion, this was one of the most powerful episodes I've ever seen with the single exception being the participation of Nancy Sinatra.

Re: Episode Review and General Comments: 'Chasing It'

Wow, amazing, if you ask me. The balance between all the plots were awesome. Felt like a classic Sopranos episode, yet also felt the "impending doom" tone that this season has carried so well. The scene between Carm & Tony...explosive to say the least! And next week's episode looks like another winner. My one complaint is the end of the episode seemed a bit too rushed. But other then that, no complaints. Oh, and if the whole Vito fiasco from the first 12 episodes of season 6 are the impetus to widen the gap between Tony & Phil, like it is mentioned in this episode, that is a price I am happy to pay!

Re: Episode Review and General Comments: 'Chasing It'

I dont see how they can go from those first 3 episodes this run, which were among the best episodes Ive ever seen, to this, which I can honestly say is the worst.

Tony gambling problem had predictable moments, his few angry outbursts felt very fake and forced, and that fight with carmela might have been more dramatic if the rest of the episode wasnt so ridiculous.

EDIT: AJ's storyline also felt tacked on, but Ill see how that plays out.

Re: Episode Review and General Comments: 'Chasing It'

For the first time in the history of the series I felt something was short-shifted and poorly done. What?
The sports stuff.
It was hokey, it was not real-life, it was contrived and forced.
Some examples:
The whole double fumble run into the end zone thing when Buffalo won as the guys were all watching TV. It was just too obvious (and, I think, there's a rule about who can advance a fumble in the final two minutes of game, but I digress).
Then the whole friend-of-a-friend in San Diego who knows about a fracture in the QB leg? That's made-for-TV movie bullshit. It doesn't happen.
Then Tony, a huge gambler, doesn't know about the result of the Jets game until the next morning in the paper? No ESPN? No text message of scores on his phone? No checking the score on the Internet? That was really sophomoric writing and led into what could have been a great scene with the fight with Carm and the whole time I'm thinking "No gambler is ever surprised when they open they paper the next day."
Man. I'm so disappointed.

Re: Episode Review and General Comments: 'Chasing It'

I'm sure that I could write a lot about so many things in this episode. But for now I'd just like to say something about AJ's girlfriend, Blanca. I think I understand her a lot better now. Especially after Meadow talks about Carmella's cousin needing a mansion now that they have a baby on the way.

I guess Blanca always figured that if nothing else, becoming his gf would mean there would be something good in store for herself and her child. But imagine yourself in her shoes and month after month, there is nothing for her or her son while there are such unimaginable rewards for people that don't even seem to be liked by AJs family - never mind being related to them.

It's a wonderful way to know what people think of you (or how little they do thing about you) when the things that they say just rip you apart and they didn't even care enough to think how their words would make you feel. I'm sure Meadow didn't intend to harm Blanc, but if she had just taken two seconds to think how Blanca would feel when she said that Carm's cousins needed that mansion cuz they had a baby on the way - all the while Blanca and her son live in a terrible little apartment ... it seems obvious that Meadow just doesnt consider Blanca to be of any value or importance to her family whatsoever.

I guess it just got too much for her to take. Seeing the contrast between AJs parents and all their associates on the one hand, and AJ the scared little baby (remember him crying out to Carmella when the bear came to say hello? "MOMMEE! HELP ME! MOMMEE!). Yes, AJ is just a scared little baby and Blanca must have decided that she must have been crazy to ever hope for anything good from him.

I must say that she had a very grown up way of breaking things off. Both men and women everywhere should pay close attention. Just put your ex's stuff in a bag, hand them the bag and drive off. No muss, no fuss and no wasted tears. Goodbye little AJ. Adios Muchachos!

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