Re: Carmella the Dumbbell?

It's not just Carmela who's a dumbell. Remember, ALL of these people in the Sopranos' environment:

- lack any advanced formal education (many probably never finished highschool)
- live in a very insular world
- don't associate with anyone outside of that world
- are all very selfish by virtue of their positions, so "reaching out to anyone outside their social group" means lack of learning

But almost all of them are very "street smart" and they all have the survivor instinct, therefore they flourish in their chosen environment. But, times are changing. One of the reasons the Soprano family is disintergrating is because of the encroachment of modern society, e.g. drugs, television, new minority crime groups (Blacks, Hispanics, Russians, Arabs) etc. The younger people are exposed to more thereyby diluting the strength of the inner family. Sort of an ironic destruction of "family values."
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