Dominic Chianese's commentary

This is hands down my favorite DVD commentary from The Sopranos. I would watch the whole series over (AGAIN) if Mr. Chianese did all the commentaries.
His thoughts on this episode and the show overall are fascinating, and I love how talked at times in the voice of Junior.

His perceptions of "Remember When" are so spot-on.

I couldn't stop laughing when he told the story of how the cast was sent to Paris (for some press junket maybe?). Dominic is walking around the courtyard of this beautiful hotel and he looks up, and Jim is standing on the balcony in his underwater and they both break up laughing. "I gotta go all the way to Paris to see you in your underwear?" Dominic said to him.

Check it out on DVD if you get the chance. Not to mention this a top-5 Sopranos episode in my opinion.
"When my time comes, tell me, will I stand up?"
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