Cleaver: Anything there

Maybe I'm overthinking this, but is there anything important about 'Cleaver' that we're missing?

Didja notice that the zombie/cut-up guy crawling out of the trunk was played by Jonathan Lapaglia, whose brother Anthony ("Without A Trace") initially had the inside track on playing Tony Soprano?

Anything else there?

Re: Cleaver: Anything there

im not sure, when the 'boss' and two other guys are in the basement...
is the guy on the left the main actor or is that another random guy and they talk about the main actor being a rat?
if its another guy than the main actor and they talk about the main actor being a rat and the main actor symbolizes chris...
just would have to find out then if he was really a rat in the movie or if the boss made him a rat so he could have his fiance.
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