Slippers and Blanket

Before Johnny Sac dies, Ginny cleans his slippers, white slippers. In dream imagery, slippers signify relaxation (domestic peace) or insecurity (something is slipping away from beneath your feet, in this case, life itself). In Asian culture, the colour white connotes death. The deathbed image captures the meaning of Johnny Sac’s marriage and passing impeccably.

The white baptismal blanket that baby Caitlin wears, cloth cut from Kelli Moltisanti’s wedding dress, is also white. In the Roman Catholic baptismal liturgy, the colour white signifies the passage from death to life, from sinfulness to purity. To be baptized is to enter into the resurrected life of Christ, whose crucifixion washes away the faithfull’s sins. Is someone in the church about to die and be born anew? Is it Tony or Christopher?

As many point out, a lot of blood is shed in “Chickentown.” The song is a nasty omen of the blood-spattered crucifixion/execution that someone in Caitlin’s company is going to have to suffer (literally or figuratively) in order to experience redemption. I’m betting it’s Tony.
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