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Great insightful posts from everyone but there's one thing that bugged me a lot about this epiosde and I know a few others have touched on it but the scene with Elliot was almost spooky. I found the whole mood strange how it was cast in a dark apartment but also the camerawork which seemed to linger almost (i dont know if that makes sense lol).

I'm sure one possibility is that Chase is playing with us but do you think there could be a more sinister motive? I'm just led to think that because seeing how little time there is left in terms of episodes, I doubt Chase would throw in something that wasn't of some relevance. Just catching up on where Elliiot is in this limited context doesn't seem to fit in wit the episode as a whole.

Perhaps Elliot's interest in the power struggle could affect the way that he treats Melfi and thus affect the way that Melfi deals with Tony. Saying this however, I always found Melfi to be quite a strong willed character and has stood up to Elliot's questioning before in their therapy sessions.

Anyway, I would be very interested for you to share your opinions.

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Re: Elliot

Good questions, hev.

IMO, the scene was just meant to quickly convey that Melfi was spot on when she nailed Elliot for having a "tabloid interest" in Tony and trying to hide the fact with protestations that his questions about Tony were only responding to her own demonstrated interests. He's a Mafia newshound and he watches it for sheer entertainment value, thus the darkened room, widescreen TV, and simultaneous eating of popcorn (or something) while watching.

On a plot note, I suppose it could also be important later on if something big happens with Tony in therapy where impending violence with NY is implied and Melfi brings this up in her sessions with Elliot. He would then be able to bring his own knowledge of the NY intra-family squabbles to bear on what she tells him and perhaps help her piece together information that would be useful to her in treating Tony.
Tony, his spirits crushed after b-lining to the fridge first thing in the morning: "Who ate the last piece of cake?"

Re: Elliot

I agree FOMW. When I saw that scene I instantly thought of the session between Elliot and Melfi in Johnny Cakes. This kind of seals the deal that he is more interested in all this "mob drama" than he lets on. Kind of says something about his professionalism and allowing personal interests to get in the way of treatment of a patient (even if it is a rather strong-willed colleague like Melfi).

I also think that the scene was shot to clarify the power struggle in NY for any viewer that was having trouble following it. The news segment clarifies for the viewer who Doc Santurro is and that he, Gerry, Carmine, and Phil were all possible candidates to take over the reigns. In that regard the person who was watching the segment was somewhat irrelevant.
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