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I think that post was spot on UP. The story Johnny was telling SP and the other inmate/patient was about Carmine who is deceased on the show. At this point that wouldn't really affect anything, even if Pollack was somehow playing an undercover fed (which i doubt). What stood out to me about the story was that Johnny, upon reflection, seemed to be speaking of Carmine Sr. with much admiration even though they didn't exactly have a great relationship leading up to Carmine's death (what with trying to whack each other and all).

If you remember, when John was talking to Anthony he said that being boss is a thankless job. Maybe this revelation gave him a new appreciation for Carmine who was able to successfully run a family for many years. By mob standards the ability to earn everything you can from a guy and also stay loyal to your friends is obviously a big plus. That's what the story that JS was telling was about.

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peeayebee wrote:He gave Johnny false hope -- and the viewers, as well. Was there anyone else besides me who hoped he was right and Johnny would last another year or so?
I had a feeling John was going to go this episode because of a review I read on the FOX site that said there was a "tragic death" in episode two. But I love his character, and would have wished for him to last at least a few more episodes. I would have loved a last scene between him and Tony, though I know that's really wishful thinking, because Tony wouldn't really have that much of a reason to go visit him.

PFloyd69 wrote:I think that post was spot on UP.
Thanks! Glad you think so! And you make a good point about John’s apparent admiration for Carmine – being as he wanted Carmine killed a few years ago. You’re probably right, those guys really don’t realize how heavy the crown is until they’re sitting on the throne themselves, and being the big man gave John a new respect for how well Carmine handled the pressure during his tenure.

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Heavy is the crown.

I thought Sydney Pollack was going to be one of two things - and everyone who gets a bit on the Sopranos is - either a significant character or one who seemed like he was going to be. Hardly anyone is nothing, but sometimes they end up not being so much. My "significant" thought was he was either an FBI agent inside or a stoolie. They did kind of set it up that way. Johnny Sack was talking shop to everyone, so it kind of left it hanging that he was talking about Tony Soprano at some point - but they didn't show that. And by laying out his laundry list with no emotion, the guy could play the pathological card pretty well. He did manage to gain his confidence without any real substance. Or he could be a classic "what if" dead end.

That is why I keep watching.

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well, pollack gave johnny sac a worthy stage, stage 5 maybe?
pollack has some strongness and certainty in his character that surely made johnny sac worth remembering.

but also....he tells john when the docs say 3 months, that means usually a window of 1-3 years.when his cancer doc starts talking about miracles sac doesnt want to hear about it either.sac might have suicided through firing up his lung cancer.
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