Paulie gonna be the next to go?

Judging from next weeks previews, could paulie be on the way out? You could hear tony telling paulie something about taking a boat out and going fishing. Also you could tell tony was cutting him some mean eyes in one part of the preview. Tony Sirico always agreed to play Paulie if he wouldn't be a rat.

Re: Speculation for next week - 'Remember When'

If I had to guess, the body will be a either a minor character from the past or an entirely new character for the sake of the story ("remember when we whacked 'Fingers' Fenucci 2 years ago? They found his body!!")

As we've seen before, they're usually pretty careful with how they dispose of the bodies, so it's really hard to speculate what could have happened.

Re: Speculation for next week - 'Remember When'

WHats up everyone, this is my first post as a member though I have been a fan of reading everyone else's posts since the beginning of last season. Does anyone think the body they find might be Murmur's? I mean Chris has his new sponsor and Murmur is nowhere to be found, perhaps in the year between Season 6A and Season 6B that Murmur did something to get himself clipped. It would be an easy way to describe why his character is not around and better than using some random guy that they whacked who wasn't even a character on the show.

Re: Speculation for next week - 'Remember When'

I'm guessing that it's a body that was buried before they started taking extra precautions to get around DNA evidence (remember earlier in the season when Chris (at least I think it was Chris) said they don't use the pork store's meat grinder/slicer anymore b/c of DNA concerns? and Bobby brought up the DNA issue in "Soprano Home Movies.'

I doubt they would go this route, but it would be darkly humorous if they find the body of the first person Paulie murdered. Didn't the ghost of that person supposedly show up in season 2? when Paulie went to see the psychic?

Some people think it might be the woman Paulie murdered in season 4 (the friend of his aunt/mother - I can't remember her name)

In the preview, Tony does say something about how Paulie has never really been tested. It seems he must be referring to flipping?

or maybe it's Pussy Melange!

Re: Speculation for next week - 'Remember When'

Some people think it might be the woman Paulie murdered in season 4 (the friend of his aunt/mother - I can't remember her name)

That happened in episode 51 "Eloise". But Eloise wasn't her name. Here is an excerpt from the description of that episode:

When Carmela and Meadow go to the Plaza Hotel to have tea beneath the portrait of Eloise - an annual tradition ...

I don't know who Eloise is. Maybe she is a Saint or something?

You can see the entire description here: ... de51.shtml

Re: Speculation for next week - 'Remember When'

Yeesh! I started a thread like this in the section for "Spoilers". But Fly has said that she doesn't consider a one-line description of the show (like you'd see in TV Guide) to be a spoiler.

The one-line description from my TV Guide (actually from TMN - the Canadian equivalent to HBO) says:

"Junior's old fire is revived during a poker game. Tony and Paulie cool off down south."

Meanwhile the Wikipedia link says:

Tony and Paulie decide to head south to calm their heads when things get too hot in Jersey; Junior rediscovers some of his old passions when he takes up poker.

Now, can anyone speculate what they mean by "Junior's old fire"? Surely it doesn't mean anything that might be found in that home in which Junior is institutionalized? Could it mean that we see Roberta (the woman from Episode 9 "Boca" who caused Jr so many problems re oral sex)? She is the one who he took to Boca Raton(sp?) and who Jr. pushed a piece of pastry into her face.
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