Ep 6.14- comparing and contrasting Johnny and Little Carmine

One of my favorite all-time scenes is a few seasons back on the golf course when Johnny Sack, Little Carmine, and Carmine Sr. were all conversing, bantoring, and essentially trying to one-up the other two in the group. At that time, Little Carmine and Johnny were the two possible successor candidates for boss. They both wanted the job, and they both made no bones about wanting and aspiring to be #1.

We all know how that competition turned out. However, in this episode we are given their current points of view. Johnny dying of cancer in jail... And Little Carmine seemingly riding off into the sunset. As they said in Goodfellas, the worst thing is for a boss to die in the can. This was the ultimate, sad path for Johnny.

During his time of deep introspection, Johnny told his brother-in-law "Anthony" in this episode that being the boss is a "thankless" job. This perspective, of course, is quite different than Little Carmine's new outlook. His mention to "Tony" that his wife didn't want to be a widow seemed to connect.

I love how Chase gives us characters that almost serve to play a role in Tony's psyche. I think that Little Carmine, aka "Brainless the Second", all of a sudden seems like a guy that made a good move a few seasons back when he dropped out of the race for #1. It played out differently for Johnny Sack, of course.

Which end-Johnny's or Little Carmine''s- is closer to Tony's?? Is it too late for Tony to make decisions that will alter his end-fate? What can he learn about Johnny vs. Little Carmine???

Any thoughts about either or both of these two characters in relation to Tony?

Re: Ep 6.14- comparing and contrasting Johnny and Little Car

The "thankless job" comment reminded me of Tony talking with Sil when he was agonizing over what to do about Tony Blundetto. Tony made it very clear that being the Boss wasn't all it was cracked up to be. Sil learned that when Tony was in the Coma.

I think Tony is coming around to the realization that being the Boss isn't what he thought it would be. From an early age, Tony's parents drove him to be the way he is - competitive, always wanting to be the top dog. As foreshadowed in the first part of season 6, Tony is realizing there is no good way out.

Tony is actually beginning to respect little Carmine, a far cry from considering him retarded. Will Carmine be able to avoid the bloodshed in New York? It seems to me that he could be viewed as a rival to Phil or Doc and still be subject to getting whacked.
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