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Episode 6.14: Stage 5 - Grades & General Review

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Tony, his spirits crushed after b-lining to the fridge first thing in the morning: "Who ate the last piece of cake?"

Re: Episode Review and General Comments

OMG! Flickering light. Just like Godfather Two. Someone's gonna die! Woo Hoo!

I don't understand what the Feds were trying to accomplish. They wanted info from Tony about any mideast terrorist activities. But what did they hope to accomplish by referring to Meadow driving in the tunnels from NY to NJ? Were they just trying to tell Tony that it was to his advantage to give them any info he came across in order to help keep Meadow safe from terrorist activities? If so, why would Tony get so angry? It was almost as if they were threatening Meadow's life.

Re: Episode Review and General Comments

holy s***!!!! I am going to be up late rewatching this episode. sooooo good. Was this the best episode ever?

In the meantime, could someone please explain Blanca to me? what exactly is her problem? I don't care if AJ is a mope - she needs to lose the attitude, esp. at the Sopranos' dinner table!

I can't get into the big stuff now, I 'm too blown away. The theme of legacies alone is enough to keep me awake the rest of the week.

p.s.: could somebody give Vince Curatola an Emmy ASAP?

p.s.s.: does the number '47' need its own thread now???

p.s.s.s: what was the song in closing credits?

Re: Episode Review and General Comments

Hey Eda,

Unless we are both big dopes, I think that we are being given the fact that Blanca is no longer in love with AJ and is ready to dump him and move on to whoever is next in her life.

But we are not being given any reason and I think we just have to assume that she has realized that whatever it is she needs from her man, she won't be getting it from AJ.

As far as being openly hostile to AJ in front of his parents, the only guess I would have is that she is taking some kind of drugs that is suppressing her inhibition from worrying about consequences from Tony and Carmela.

Like many other things in this episode, I think we are being given a mystery and we are not being given the answer.

Re: Episode Review and General Comments

That was such an excellent episode. I actuallly lost my breath during the Silv/ Gerry restaraunt scene. The Agent Harris thing was interesting too. But Carm not putting to bed the thing with Aidrianna has me most intrigued. Can't wait to see how it all plays out.

PS-had to pee since 11 minutes into the show, held it in the whole time, thought i would need to do an "astronut" but i made it. i am loyal till the last minute.

Re: Episode Review and General Comments

Bianca realized that AJ and family is not her way of living or familiar to her. Different race, different experience. Over time the lovey dovey thing wears off and everything probably becomes clearer. AJ has nothing of his own or even does anything on his own. This all dates back to the last show / thread like this where I mention, the scene with the young white suburban kids ready for the pool and other leisurly things walk in to leisure at the pool. How can she relate, thats not apartment poor gal living.

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