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Little Carmine (to his daughter I think): "I'm glad you caught that. The sacred and the propane."
I listened to that many times. I assume he meant "The sacred and the profane." I'm quite certain he said "propane". I listened many times and sure hope I'm not wrong.

Chris to Carmella (after she complained to him about his movie): "I don't like what you are inferring here".
I assume he meant "imply" instead of "infer". But the funny thing is ... Chris is the writer of the movie? LOL!

Paulie (quoting the Blood Sweat & Tears song): "Ride the painted pony, let the spinning wheel glide."
The original lyrics say "turn" - not "glide".

Re: Favorite Quotes from Stage 5

Favorite line is a tie between:

"I wouldn't call Chris a Marty or anything but" - reference to Martin Scorcese


"Leonardi DaVincci, the guy that wrote the DaVincci Code"

Also, being of Italian descent....

Blanco asking her baby if he wanted more "noodles" not done...either it's macaroni, or pasta. Shows how far apart her culture is from AJ. The Sopranos has always done an amazing job w/ the colloquialisms.

Phil talking about the " the Medigans", (sp?). What Italians call non-Italians (means Americans).

Re: Favorite Quotes from Stage 5

Christopher: "I got a call from the lawyer and we may have to change the title of the movie. The Eldridge Cleaver estate, they want an injunction."

Phil, on the family name being changed from Leonardo at Ellis Island: "They disrespected a proud Italian heritage and named us after a ballet costume."

And no words, but the shot of the Cleaver coffee mug ... I want one!

Re: Favorite Quotes from Stage 5

YoLaJimbo wrote: And no words, but the shot of the Cleaver coffee mug ... I want one!
I want the 'Cleaver' crew jacket one of the wiseguys was wearing while playing pool at the Bing with Tony when news came of Sac's demise. BTW, you know HBO will surely be selling these 'Cleaver' merchandise things for real if there's a fan-fueled demand for them. I mean, if freaking Vito (the actor, not the character) can sell pool cues on his website then surely a 'Cleaver' mug/jacket isn't too far-fetched a merchandise tie-in.

Anywho, favorite line came from one of the wiseguys watching the rough cut of ''Cleaver": something to the effect of "This could make us as much money as some of the pornos we make." LOL! :icon_mrgreen:

Re: Favorite Quotes from Stage 5

Carm to AJ: "You two have a fight?"
AJ: "I don't know."

Little Carmine at the theater: "Much like a child, a film has many parents. That is to say, many individuals who ACT like parents, or that by aversion, the film... is their baby. I, as an executive producer, am one of those individuals. Two more examples are here with me tonight...."

When JT goes to the Bada Bing:

JT: "... Sally Boy, his whole persona, I stole that from Broderick Crawford in 'Born Yesterday.'"
Paulie: "What's that?"
JT: "Garson Kanin, 1950. It's terrific. William Holden falls in love with Crawford's girlfriend, played by Judy Holliday."
Paulie: "The black girl, the singer."
Sil: "That's Billie Holliday."
JT: "Although Judy's character in the movie is named Billie, too, so I can see why you're confused."
Paulie: "I never seen it. Why would I be confused?"

HA! Good point, Paulie!

Re: Favorite Quotes from Stage 5

Loved Tony's rant about not going to the bottom of the driveway to pick up the paper anymore, cause it was too dangerous, "And has been for years!"

And Silvio's line, explaining to Tony the audience's exact reaction to the hit earlier in the episode, was a nice touch: "...The scary part, though, was that I didn't even realize what happened until after the shot ...It was weird!"

Later in that same scene, Tony Sirico's reading of "I never seen it, Why would I be confused?" had me cracking up! The written line itself is nothing special, but the performance just made it hilarious.

Re: Favorite Quotes from Stage 5

Larry Boy's wife/girlfriend/whatever:

"I don't know if you noticed, but the actors don't get to make up what they say"

Just funny in the context of Larry's earlier quote to Lil Carmine about more money with "Cleaver" than the porn business. This line was clearly said by some ignorant girl who either hung out at a porno set with Larry in the past or was an actress in a porno movie - judging by her big 'uns, I'm going with the latter.
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