Paper reading and the news

As I was rewatching the first 12, I got thinking that why Carm has no idea what happens with Tony and what he is doing? Just as Carm broke the news from the radio to Tony about Johnny's pleading, how come we have never seen a scene in which like Melfi reads an article about some Mafia action and connects the dots?

IMO the reason is for the sake of the character's [Tony's] lovebility...

Any ideas or comments on this?
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Re: Paper reading and the news

If I am reading this post correctly it seems like you are saying that Carmella is unaware of Tony's line of work and what it is he actually does. If that is your assumption than it is incorrect, Carmella knows exactly what Tony does she just chooses to ignore it.
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Re: Paper reading and the news

Sorry if the post seems to be messy, I thought my english is better :).
Still my point is, that based on this season's promo, and the eventual conflct in the previous season Carmela while she knows how does Tony makes a living, is not aware just how "big a crook" his husband is. As she was trying to figure out Ade's whereabouts and with the object throwing in the promo I think the worst is yet to come.
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