Re: Speculation for next week - Stage 5

After a more reflective episode dealing with characters and not a plot line, I predict the next episode will advance the story, starting with examining the growing rift between Tony and Chris that got brief play in Soprano Home Movies. The opening of "Cleaver" doesn't make Tony happy. Looks like the NY storyline will also be explored. Will Tony be forced to take sides in that power struggle as the previews make it appear?

Re: Speculation for next week - Stage 5

Cancer typically has four stages, actually. One could make the leap that stage 5 would be death, though. What comes to my mind, though, is the stages of grief, and stage 5 is acceptance. Considering that the future seems to be on Tony's mind (and Phil's, for that matter), I predict he might come to some kind of acceptance in regards to what his future holds, perhaps.

Re: Speculation for next week - Stage 5

When I first saw the title "Stage 5" many weeks ago, my first thought was that it would have a double meaning concerning Chris' movie and a "soundstage" and the death of Junior due to cancer, since cancer has only 4 stages. Junior's cancer has always been in the back of my mind because of its location (the stomach) and the fact that the tumor was apparently not well-differentiated enough from healthy tissue to allow clean, complete removal, thus the "tumor conference" that led to the decision to clean up the remnants with chemotherapy.

If there is lymph involvement in cancer (seems a decent possibility from an incomplete removal of an abdominal tumor) , it can often lay dormant for a while before reappearing in clinical tumors, and the recurrences are often fatal.

Junior's face was literally almost "out of the picture" in 6a's poster, so I figure he will be checking out this season at some point anyway.
Tony, his spirits crushed after b-lining to the fridge first thing in the morning: "Who ate the last piece of cake?"

Predictions (Guesses) for the next episode

I thought it might be fun to make some guesses as to what will happen in the next episode. These are no way based on spoilers. They are just some guesses.

The description for the next episode says that Johnny Sac will suffer some more bad news while he is in prison. My guess is that Ginnie dies from a heart attack related to her weight. Alternatively perhaps something equally terrible happens to one of their daughters. One good clue re the end of the series will be whether this bad news pertains to his human family or his gangster family. It will be a good foreshadowing as to which one DC thinks is more important to the plot.

If these last 8 epis are going to go out with a big bang, I'm thinking that someone will have to die in almost every episode and Ginny would be a perfect choice for this next one. After all, what part will she likely play in the remainder of the series anymore anyway? Hardly any that I can see.

Re: Speculation for next week - Stage 5

if we are allowed to know that there will be the premiere of cleaver i would speculate we will see this premiere to be in a very festive setting, which reminds me of the last time we saw such a setting, Johnny Sacs daughters wedding.
So this episode might also end with a 'bang', somebody turning against or fleeing from the rest of the guys.
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