Re: In reality, must you have murdered to be "made" in the M

BTW, when recently asked why I've never used an avatar, I considered constructing one using a closeup photo of a fly composited over a wood grain wall. I can faithfully promise that if HOMT decides to change his avatar to a similarly literal one, I will draw the line.:icon_mrgreen:
Tony, his spirits crushed after b-lining to the fridge first thing in the morning: "Who ate the last piece of cake?"

Re: In reality, must you have murdered to be "made" in the M

I really enjoyed reading that link you posted above, Fly.

The first time I saw the name, HOMT, I had no idea what to think. But I figured if it was cool with the boss, it wasn't my problem.

It's amazing to read about some of the people behind the names. I hope he won't be offended, but after reading some of his posts, I always figured that HOMT was ...

You know what? It makes no difference what I thought and why take a chance on offending anyone anyway? But if HOMT cares to hear, he can PM me and I'll tell him.

Re: In reality, must you have murdered to be "made" in the M

Fly, thanks for defending my trashy name and for explaining it's satirical nature and for coming to my defense.

Cousin Hesh, Fly is the matriarch of this site, and has the best sense of humor in here; you could learn well from her. I started out pretty snippy here myself, and I appreciate your sentiments, but you need to be around a little longer and understand what's going on before you hurl insults. I love insults as well as the next guy, so I'm not offended by yours, however, others may not be so generous.

Fly, my dear, I like your idea of an avatar, and I would never try to replicate it based on my screen name. Even I have taste.. not very much I'm afraid, but a little, lolol...

That's okay Splishak, I enjoy reading your posts a lot. You can say what you like.. I've got pretty thick skin, and my intent was never to demean or insult. My name was an attempted funny take off on Fly's because I thought her name was brilliant for a room like this. Some think it's funny, and some do not. I offered to change it, but was disuaded from that.

Re: In reality, must you have murdered to be "made" in the M

FlyOnMelfisWall wrote:Cousin Hesh, I try to foster an atmosphere here where no member is subject to putdowns by another, like suggestions that a member needs therapy. However I recognize that HOMT's screen name is inherently provocative (and offensive to some), so I don't want to sound snippy or inconsiderate of what you expressed.

His screen name was the source of much constroversy when he first signed up at Sopranoland during season 5. This history was unexpectedly revisited in the "Tell Us About Yourself" thread in the Satriale's Meet Market forum. I would gently suggest you read it to gain a better understanding of his admitedly vulgar sense of humor and some very pertinent facts about his past. It starts here ... stcount=66, post #66 in the thread and several after.

I think it's best if we all remember that the very show we're here to celebrate is itself highly politically incorrect, vulgar, and profane, and so, in that sense, I think some leeway is due to personal expression here that does not directly concern another poster.:icon_wink:
It's OK, I will just not read or post here again...

Re: In reality, must you have murdered to be "made" in the M

Mikey wrote:Tom Hagan never murdered anyone

and Moe Green wasnt a made a man was he? I thought he was just a Casino owner down in Vegas... I dont think he was even Italian.

(neither was Hagan but we all know the story of Hagan)
Well, I remember Moe Green telling Michael that he "made his bones" when Michael was going out with cheerleaders. BUT, Henry Hill in Goodfella's in a narrative... said that " to be a member of a crew, you had to be 100% Italian, so they could trace all of you family back to the old country"

Question unanswered, but more to ponder...:icon_biggrin:
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