What we Learned (comedic)

I saw this on another board and thought it was worth a post here

What we learned from Sopranos:

"Bobby Bacala plays Monopoly the way the Parker Brothers intended for it to be played."

"Sopranos used to sport "BeeHives" on the regular."

"don't let your kids swim"

"Carmela gives good head for a birthday present"

"That the light in Carmela's closet doesn't work."

"if it wasnt for the rug tony woulda won the fight"

"janice must be told when her daughter goes into the lake."

"you really shouldnt take a child away from its mother"

that "people sit in chairs"

"apparently janice was sucking dick under the boardwalk, and it touched a nerve with bobby"

"Carmela cannot sing"

"an ar-10 makes a good bday present"

"Bobby respects the parker bros and doesnt take kindly to cheaters"

"the sopranos have a badass jacuzzi"

"bobby should piss before he takes car rides"

"Laffy taffy is a good way to get kids to go to sleep"

"canada is only valuable as a source of cheap expired prescription drugs"

"bobby and janice don't like to put sheets on the bunk bed mattress"

"AJ needs his parents' sheets washed"

"if you got hollow tip bullets get rid of em"

"in aj's tough neighboirhood, people dont get out of jail that fast."

"real gangsters play "FREE Parking" style monopoly"

"That Chris may not remember your birthday, but he's not too proud to call the next day and wish you a happy belated birthday."

"Tony has Christopher on his [ignore user] list."

"that an easy time filler is showing a rippling lake"

"Bobby throws a mean ass sucker punch"

"real men hunt with a bow and arrow"

"even tho tony/bobby talked about going to Canada in front of carm/jancie, the woman are still shocked they get into a car and "pretend" to go play golf."

"that nothing cures a hangover like mini budweiser cans"

And last but not least:

"they don't use bullet proof glass on dryers"
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