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[quote="baretsfort"]Great posts Fly and Giuseppe! I think it is great we are reopening the topic about Tony's deep love and connection to the ducks. Here is what I got from Chase intentionally having Tony hear Nica singing the verse about four little ducks. I also agree the four ducks are the family he and Carm made together filled with love. I don't think it was the family he was born into from Livia and Johnny Boy because they had a family of five.

I also think one of Tony's ducks will fly away either by death or moving away to live somewhere else. IMO, I think it will either by Meadow or AJ. But, Fly you do bring up good points about you thinking it could be Carm. Either it be Carm or one of the two kids Tony would be so devastated. I also think he could go into decompostion which Melphi talked about with Tony in 6A. I think it will destroy him also because he had great dread of one of his ducks leaving him back in season1.

I agree he was truly happy and giddy with innocent obsession with the ducks because they represent the family he made and loves all of them more than his life. I also think Tony associates the wild ducks with him and Carm Especially, when they made their family because he was being made in the mob and she loved him despite and because of it. They were wild kids who had flaws but had good parts of them too because their ability to love another and children despite everything.

I also agree even when Tony and Carm were separated Tony kept on lingering many times inside the house and swimming in the pool which he adores. So he could find out how Carmela is doing and is moving on romantically. He was even trying to make conversation with her and was checking her out everytime he went there. He wanted her back but was didn't know about how to get her back with him. His life was also a mess and he tried to romance Melphi so she could be a substitute for Carm.

He did because he loves to swim and it reminds him of the ducks and his own family was in trouble because he was losing Carm. Until the night AJ,Tony,TonyB,Finn, and Artie were playing Marco Polo and Tony threw her in the pool to join them so they could be a family again. Tony and Carm reignited their passion and love for each other and made love in the pool and their bed.

In the dream itself, Tony as Makazian sings his syrupy ballad of true love and turns a haunting gaze specifically on Carmela as he sings the following lines: One of my favorite scenes of the series because you see the good and bad of T and C. You could also see Tony is aware of Carm's genuine love for him and loving him for his money and stength/power.

And now that we’ve come to the end of our rainbow
There’s something I must say out loud
You’re once, twice, three times a lady
And I love you

Too me Three Times A Lady was used by Chase to represent Carm being the only true love of Tony's life. I also love how Tony showed us he knows Carm good qualitys with the bad. I also loved Artie and Charmaine representing themselves and Tony and Carm. Both were in the sex dream to represent Tony finally seeing you can bang your wife like when you were kids and it even being better now. He also used the Marco Polo sex as a reference and Artie was there sleeping in a chair while they had great sex. Charmaine is also like Carm because she is a good cook,wife, and mother. Then we seeTony really wanting to make his marriage works but to do that he has to stop cheating completely then we see Carm a stride Pie O My who he also associated with his great love for Carm. She wants him to be his and not having horses in her house.

I hope it isn't Carmela but you do make good points on why you think it could be her. I also think the Aria Puccini playing when the ducks fly away and him looking at Carm with love and admiration in Irrregular around the margins could be linked together to mean she dies. The light out where you are then the screen turns to black could be another hint. I also remember. Then she also smiles at the beacon of light in Paris. You also have a point about Johnny Sac making the comment about killing Carmines wife and Phil telling Tony he could arrainge for him to have his family die in his arms. Carmela associating herself with woman characters in a book or movie who were Heloise,Maria from West Side Story, and Madame Bovery. All those woman were in a love story that ended badly. Madame Bovery she commited suicide. Heloise lives a life of being lonely without her lover after her uncle castrates him. Maria loses Tony to death from a gang. Carm brought up Maria because she felt she was like Maria and Tony was like Tony from West Side Story because they were strong,powerful,charming,good looking,good personality, and both in crime situations.

I also remember you saying Tony and Carmela would finally come together romantically,sexually,and emotionally in every way before something bad happens to one of them or their kids. I also mean he is a one woman man. Tony and Carm have been closer since they got back together emotionally and sexually. He even was true to Carm from them getting back together and after the coma until he wanted to sleep with Julianna and let another woman give him OS. So Tony has to forsake all all other woman for good.

In the trailer Tony is smiling with pure joy and picks up and they embrace with such passion and longing. Carm is also smiling very happily. I think this clip leads to them making out and then making love. I also think Tony will pick her up because he has helped he with her spec house again. Or it could be the person hurt in the clip Tony,Carm,Meadow are hugging in fine so they celebrate. I also thought it could be them thinking of leaving the mob. Fly, what do you think the clip means and do you think they will still believe they will have a short period of pure happiness before sh1t happens!

Re: Nica's Nursery Rhyme - "4 little Ducks..."

baretsfort wrote:Fly, what do you think the clip means
I'm not sure which clip you're referring to. Is it the one in the house where he hugs her and kind of picks her up?

If so, I don't read much of anything into that. That could be after he tells her he got a tip on a buyer for her spec house or bought her a lake house of her own.:icon_wink: And, afterall, she is also throwing something at him pretty violently in another clip. I don't think there is any chance that something as romanticized as a time of "pure happiness" awaits them before some tragedy or other downfall takes over. I expect they will have ups and downs as always, probably more of the latter now that the end is near.

I believe that their relationship had improved by the start of season 6 and REALLY improved after the shooting. As to what would really make it backslide now, I only HOPE it isn't more illicit affairs. I suppose I, like Carmela, am resigned to the fact that Tony is always going to grab a free blow job or piece of tail when he can. But I'd like to think that he is a little more self aware regarding these more serious, damaging affairs, like those with Irina, Gloria, and even Valentina, and (almost) Juliana. (By the way, isn't it wierd and a little unlikely that all these women (and Carmela) have names that end in "a", like Livia?)

I would say that AJ's plight is the one most likely to cause friction between the two of them. It already caused some last year. And if AJ pulls another stunt like he did at the mental institution, or if Carmela finds out about that one and realizes that Tony kept it from her, that could be major trouble. Carmela will not react well if she comes to understand that her son is inching closer to an attempt at life in OC.
Tony, his spirits crushed after b-lining to the fridge first thing in the morning: "Who ate the last piece of cake?"
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