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In regards to the hit that Bobby carried out and his mention of DNA earlier in the episode. I was wondering does anybody think he could have been wearing one of Tony's shirts when he did the hit and the Canadien ripped a piece of it off? Wasn't it Bobby that brought Tony and Carm's bags to Tonys truck when they were leaving? He could have lifted one before he brought the bags down.

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I think there could possibly be a situation with the guy ripping the piece of bobbys shirt off with dna evidence

Remember last season how some of thought there might well be a situation with Tony and Chris ripping off the "Vipers"? This feels awful similar to that. Heh! Maybe the guy who ripped the shirt was a Viper? Hah! Hah!

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I haven't made up my mind one way or the other regarding Bobby's first hit. I think that we saw yet another level of Tony's manipulativeness...he realized he couldn't physically whip Bobby, so he decided to pierce his armor at the most vulnerable point. But, at the same time, it seems unlikely that Tony would hand over the reins to someone that's never even killed anyone, so perhaps making Bobby do a hit was inevitable. If you can't kill someone in this line of business, how on earth could you stand up to the pressure of being boss? We saw the toll it took on Sil, and he seemed like the most capable of the crew. Or look at Phil Leotardo--massive heart attack. It is a stressful position that takes a calm, intelligent and cunning person. I have my doubts about Bobby or Chris ever becoming what Tony is looking for.

I'm curious what Chase will do with this plotline. Chances are he will drop it, like other intriguing plots (where is the Russian?? lol) and just leave it for us to wonder about. But the gun in the snow, the hollow point bullets warning, the DNA warning and Bobby's sloppy hit are all pretty heavy foreshadowing. We'll see...

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I don't know if this belongs in this post or not, but I keep coming back to the impact of fathers & sons on this series. Melfi always tried to get Tony to see his dad for what he was...a brutal thug, who got Tony into OC.

Tony doesn't want it for AJ; Bobby's dad didn't want it for Bobby; etc. The father's never got their way.

This shooting represents Bobby going against his dad's wishes. I think it's a harbinger for AJ getting into OC.

Also the bullet to the beehive highlighted Johnny as the animal he was. Tony couldn't deal w/ the story being told. He didn't want the family to seem dysfunctional. Funny, but sad cause a Monopoly fight is pretty dysfunctional.

Junior has been Tony's surrogate dad. He tried to kill Tony (twice). Tony was in real denial. Bobby was Junior's caregiver, yet he wasn't there to get shot.

He cannot come to grips with the fact that this is the life his dad got him into. That is fake dad shot him. It's always been about Olivia for Tony. Cause he cannot deal with his father.

In essense he is the 'father' of this crew. Even though Bobby's real father didn't want this life for Bobby, Tonydad made sure it happened.

It's so sick and so sad and so fascinating.

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A lot of nice ideas here. I think the shirt tearing is important only for what it could mean - the whole episode is about foreshadowing. For instance, they talk about the child drowning while everyone is sitting around a pool drinking, then AJ has people over at the house. It foreshadow's Bianca's daughter doing the same, but like a lot of Sopranos twists, this one never happens. Bobby in the boat talks about DNA evidence, and then leaves it himself. But the greater imagery there is about how Bobby has taken the final step into the deepest sh!t. He whacked the kid and is now a murderer, damned, no way back. And when he comes back to his lake house he grabs his daughter, and sees Janice - already a murderess - hosting to faceless guests. He has defiled his father's "sanctuary." It will always be dark and ruined. His only concern is now his child, who he realizes he has exposed to something horrible through himself and marrying Janice.

Bobby also is the son of the "terminator" who Bobby said always would have preferred to cut hair. The foreshadowing is that Bobby would have preferred never to dive all the way in, but he has, and he can be brutal and evil - more than Tony whom he beat - and he could be the Don. He is more sensitve and child like, but he also can be a monster. Now he is going to become one.

I wouldn't be surprised if Bobby kills Janice to thwart her influence on his kids.

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In the real world, people connected to the estranged wife of the laundromat victim would be the first people to fall under suspicion. And the trail to Tony and Bobby would not be very hard to uncover.

Now, this is not the real world but The Sopranos where either artistic license is taken and no murder gets looked into, or more likely we presume investigations that get no traction and don't bring any heat on the Family do not merit screen time.

However, there are some hints that this case might potentially be different as cited elsewhere on this board:
-the mention by Sil of DNA evidence in "Cold Stones" echoed by Bobby earlier in this episode.
-the whole focus on Bobby's "virginity" coupled with the discussion that it only ends up either in jail or the morgue.
-beginning the whole season (or season part- annoying) with a thrown gun that leads to an arrest
-Janice telling Bobby to throw away any hollow point bullets
-Bobby giving Tony a gun and his talking about not hunting with a gun
-Carmela "You get away with murder because you're his boss."
(After all, by ordering the murder, Tony is legally on the line too.)
-and of course the very noticeable ripping of his shirt

It definitiely would be David Chase-like to misdirect us to think something will happen and then have the risk to a character subside.

But I think this is different for some reason. It very much recalls Eugene being "forced" to do a hit he didn't want to and then paying the Karma cost soon thereafter. Someone else somewhere wrote about Karma on the show and I think it's definitiely there. Don't forget Vito killed the innocent guy getting his mail on his drive back to New Jersey where he himself would soon be killed. I think Bobby is in deep shit with the Universe now in one way or another.

Most of all, we can safely assume every pressure around Tony is going to build and build to extreme levels over the next two months and they've already shown us legal pressure will be primary among them. I personally think the only debate is will the laundromat murder feed that directly or only indirectly.

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First off that was a great scene, the emotion that he portrayed during and after the kill was amazing, I could almost feel his pain in the end when he was holding his daughter looking out at the water.

But in relation to the show I feel that there could be a possibility that this gets back to Bobby. When the cops showed up on the scene they were going to find both a torn off piece of clothing as well as the murder weapon. Either way you look at it this was a murder and it will be investigated, it may not immeadiately get back to Bobby, but if there canadian contact has a record and the murder somehow gets linked to him than he may give up Bobby to save his own butt. In that case it would be as simple as matching finger prints from the gun or dna from the shirt.
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Re: The Aftermath of Bobby's First Kill

dannyc7684 wrote: In that case it would be as simple as matching finger prints from the gun or dna from the shirt.
Bobby wore gloves (I watched this closely to confirm this.). He also used an untracable weapon since the plan was to just drop the gun and leave. They might get lucky and get a DNA sample, but since Bobby isn't an obvious suspect and he hasn't been arrested before, its doubtful the DNA will turn up in a search.

The only way he gets pinched is if one of the Canucks sing or if he was was seen and ID'ed by the girl leaving the laundry (not likely).

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