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[quote="ballermann"]well, i said 'permanently' only when i was talking about the boy, i take he is often enough there to make the house one of his main childhood memories.
that AJ lives mainly outside is said clearly and symbolized through his 'im a mexican' beard.

Ha! I never thought of it that way but his new hair and beard is more of a Latin look.

Re: AJ and Blanca

I've gone back several times and tried to see where AJ is wearing any uniform that says "Beansie's" but cannot.
While Meadow, Carmella and AJ are driving to drop off the suit to Tony in jail, he's wearing a T-Shirt that says Beansie's.
More than that, I must have missed where he is working in a pizza parlor. When did anyone hear that was the case?
As was already posted by Shanty;
When Carmela heard Blanca speaking in the background and asked who it was, AJ said it was "the waitress."
Carmella followed up with, "You're at work?"
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Re: AJ and Blanca

Splishak wrote:AJ spoke of "our neighborhood" - meaning his and Blanca's. So I doubt he and Blanca live at the big house permanently. That suggests they live somewhere else.

Also, Carmella said that AJ spends most nights over at Blanca's house. Again, suggesting she lives elsewhere.

As well, if they did live permanently at the big house, they'd probably not be sleeping in Tony's bed.
On the whole, I would think Tony and Carm are glad the worthless little shit moved out. At least they don't have to suffer his irriatating and irresponsible behavior everyday. I wouldn't be surprised if Carm was a little bit grateful to Blanca for helping AJ grow up a little. On the other hand, I think Tony is terrified that he will have a step-grandson who will one day be sporting a gold tooth. Carm probably thinks it's a passing thing.
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