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In the late 70s, David Chase used to be a producer of a Private Eye series called The Rockford Files. You can read a little about this in the forum called "David Chase BS (Before Sopranos) at the bottom of the home page to this forum.

If I understand you correctly, the actor playing this guy is Greg Antonacci (the little creepy guy who stood in Tony's way when he was trying to enter and exit Phil's hospital room in Brooklyn). If you have ever seen The Rockford Files, he played a character named Eugene Conigliaro in two episodes ("The Jersey Bounce" and "Just a Coupla Guys"). It's worth seeing how he appeared in these two episodes - even though they were made 30 years ago. He looked like a real creep then and the character he played acted like a real creep too - a hoodlum.

Anyway, his character in TS just kind of appeared during the last 3 or 4 epis last season and since he and DC have worked together in the past, there's a good chance he may screw up something by doing something terribly stupid if his behavor on TRF is any indication on what may happen on TS this season. It should be good for a laugh. It would be real interesting if his partner on TRF (an actor named "Gene Davis" or "Eugene Davis") is sceduled to appear on TS later on. If so, they may well do something real boneheaded together - kind of like Brandon (the guy who got shot in the eye). He has been put in a role that kind of "menaces" Tony and it should be interesting to see what happens to him. My guess is that he will get whacked real good. He may talk about whacking someone from Tony's crew, but I think it's more likely he will start out trying to be the whack-er but wind up being the whack-ee. He was always a pretty whacky kind of guy anyway.

Re: Who was the guy singing to Phil

Splishak, I think Cassata means the other guy that walked in after Phil and started singing to him and looking over at the group Phil was with. He had white hair.

I took it to be perhaps yet another rival for power - perhaps another capo, or maybe even from another NY family. Either way, it probably means trouble for Phil since it appears he wants to ease back.
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Re: Who was the guy singing to Phil

That guy who suggested Tony was fellating sheep seemed out of place, he didn't really have any kind of NY accent or any mafioso qualities. he just seemed like some creepy fuck. i'm sure there's a whole story behind him
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